How to Improve Your Self-Image

by Erika Slater

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Do you say right things to yourself for a strong self-image?

They say that image is everything. You get one chance to make a first best impression!

We dress for success not only with the clothes that we wear but all the behaviors and attitudes that we put on display. Are you happy with your current self-image?

If not, are you ready to undergo a self-image makeover? Well, there is no time like the present so let’s get started!

To start out, if you were asked to describe yourself, what would you say about yourself?

Firstly, would you be able to describe yourself without using your job, family, or friends as reference points?

That is, “I’m a good worker!”, “I’m a good spouse or parent.”, or “I am a great friend!” You see, often times people create their self-image on what others say about them or how they think others perceive them.

Second, now that you are not using points of reference, i.e. career, family and friends, what can you say about yourself in terms of beliefs. What images, beliefs or perceptions do you hold at the forefront of your mind?

After all, these images and beliefs eventually seep into your unconscious (which accepts everything as a reality unless challenged) and use them to undermine conscious effort in thinking so you simply respond on autopilot.

What do you say about yourself?

The spoken word is extremely powerful. Most people do not understand the intense and profound abilities that words possess. In fact, the spoken word houses an energy of its own that gets released when it is spoken – thoughts which become words become things! So when you say things like, “I’m tired.”, “I’m so depressed.”, “I’m fed up.”, “I’ve been dealt a bad hand in life.”, or “Life is not fair!”, you create and project a mindset of helplessness, feeling like a victim and believing you have no control over your life.

This creates a self-image of loathing, victimization, distrust in others as well as self and eventually low self-esteem leading to poor self-image.

What you believe about yourself becomes your reality as no one can get into your mind to change your thoughts and beliefs about you!

The key then is to think good things about yourself and more importantly, speak great things about you! Whenever you are inclined or compelled to speak something negative about yourself, stop yourself… Stop!

The negativity is reinforcing a poor self-image.

Instead, speak good things about yourself. This will not only energize your mind’s ability to create positive images, but an increase in positive images. You will start to feel better about yourself and people will start to wonder, “What’s different about you?”

Furthermore, if you want people to say good things about you, then you first have to put out the message that “You are a good person!” worthy of good things said about you.

There are many great self-help CD’s that use paraliminal methods to improve self-esteem and they are worth using if you struggle in this area. Also, seeing a hypnotherapist for self-esteem sessions will do wonders for your self-image!

Improving Your Self-Image is one of the fundamental topics I cover in my online and in-office Confidence and Self-Esteem Hypnosis Program.


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