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The subconscious mind (or unconscious mind as some people call it)  is a powerful resource which during our active moments is tapped into by our conscious mind on a regular basis. However, the conscious mind can be a barrier to change habits.

Hypnosis taps directly into the subconscious to help make changes that can otherwise be difficult to achieve.

But hypnosis is not magic, and hypnotherapists are not magicians.

This frequently asked questions section at my website covers much of the basic information about hypnosis and other therapies I use to help people make lasting lifestyle changes.

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Q: I’m not sure I can be hypnotized?

A: Most people can be hypnotized even though they may think they can’t. We move in and out of hypnosis many times each day without realizing it such as when we are driving or watching TV or a movie. Everyday activities can put us in a “trance” without us recognizing it as hypnosis. Some people will unintentionally “resist” going into hypnosis and for those people getting into a relaxed state – which is key to hypnosis – can be a challenge.


Q: What will it feel like to be hypnotized?

A: You’ll feel relaxed, and aware of your surroundings and everything that is being said and explained to you. You’ll be in control all the time. It will be an enjoyable and rejuvenating experience for you. Your subconscious will retain everything that is said during the session even though you may not be able to recollect everything immediately. This is normal.


Q: How long will I be asleep for?

A: You’ll not go to sleep in the normal sense. You may loose track of time because you’ll be relaxed and engaged in a highly focused and soothing experience for your brain and whole body.


Q: I’ve seen stage hypnosis and concerned I’ll be asked to do or say things that’ll embarrass me – will I?

A: One of the most common concerns I get relates to so-called “mind control“, and is caused by the tremendous disservice many stage hypnosis acts have done to the therapeutic value of hypnosis in tackling serious life problems.

I will not attempt, nor can I, force you to do anything against your will. This is one of the myths, caused by watching stage hypnosis entertainers, that a person has complete power over what you do. This is just not true, and in our sessions together you’ll remain in control all the time. My role is to be your guide to the resources you already have to overcome life challenges.


Q: What is NLP?

A: NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It’s a way of tapping into your natural predispositions to effect changes in your habits. Combined with the power of hypnosis it provides you with a winning team for helping you lose weight, stop smoking or achieving self-improvement goals. I use NLP concepts throughout my programs and have achieved the level of Master Practitioner.

You know you have to change and hypnosis makes it easy for you to adopt and maintain the changes.

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