Keeping a Sense of Humor Can Save Your Life

by Erika Slater

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Laughing is good for your whole body

Are you one of those people who have a hard time laughing – at life or at yourself? To quote the Joker from the Batman movie The Dark Knight, “Why so serious?”

Have you always been the serious type, afraid to let your guard down and smile? Perhaps you were told to “grow up” when you were still very young and all of the “happy” energies of childhood were let out of your sails.

Let me ask you, do you have frown lines or happy, smile lines? Your facial lines will tell a lot about your disposition toward humor or lack of it. How about we turn those frown lines to happy lines, or those happy lines to bigger happy lines?

Are you game?

Studies have shown that people who laugh and smile more are not only happier but healthier as well. You see, when you are happy and laughing, the body releases endorphins or “feel good hormones“. These endorphins produce and promote immunity cells in the body which keep you healthier.

Laughter and joy are also an instant de-stressor. The ability to laugh in the face of stress or frustration help to not only alleviate stress which can promote intense frustration even depression, but can instantly infuse a sense of rejuvenation and feeling great!

Humor leading to laughter has the amazing ability to protect the cardiovascular system. Did you know that when you laugh you increase the blood flow to your heart and improve cardiovascular functioning?

A happy face leads to a happy heart!

Laughter has the ability to soften and promote entire relaxation throughout the entire body. Did you know that by having a good laugh, the kind that makes your entire body rock and gyrate, your entire body continues to be relaxed as long as forty-five minutes after your laughter has ceased? That is almost as good as getting a massage!

The greatest ability that humor and laughter brings you is a shift in perception.

You see most people hold onto habits of perceiving and analyzing things in a negative light. This will only cause frustration, disappointment, anger and even depression. Is that how you really want to feel?

Just by shifting your focus away from the seriousness of anything, and most of what we fret over isn’t that serious, you can lead yourself to a life of release and de-stressing.

Why get yourself worked up over something that truly isn’t “end of the world“, such as you getting cut off by a rude driver?

Practice makes perfect with anything. Next time you have an “unfortunate” incident or situation that “gets your goat” of course not the barnyard kind, look for something silly, humorous, or just simply absurd in the situation. Find something to laugh at. If it’s the person who cuts you off and you see them flipping out in their car, giving you the forearm salute look at them as some ridiculous cartoon character.

And when they are no longer in view of you, laugh…laugh out loud! And for those who have trouble laughing and finding humor in anything, I prescribe many doses of The Three Stooges for your viewing entertainment!

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