How to Focus on the Right Outcome to Get What you Want

by Erika Slater

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Plant the outcome you want to get results

Where thoughts go energy flows!

Have you ever heard that expression?

What about the whole notion of self-fulfilling prophecy – what we think we are or what we will do is a given?

You see, in either of these statement scenarios, you have focused on the outcome often times without even knowing that you have.

In fact, you might have focused on the “negative aspect of the outcome” in that you expected the worse before it happened even though you hoped for the best.

And still you wonder why things never turn out the way you had hoped for them to turn out even though you “hoped for the best“!

Well the problem is, you can hope all you want until the cows come home, but if you see the cows filleted and barbequed on an open flame… they ain’t coming home!

You have focused on the outcome and that is what your mind sees as the end result.

The ultimate key to success in life, and with anything is twofold: first you have to know what it is that you truly want or want to happen, and second, you need to see the end result as it coming to pass, the way you want it to turn out.

In essence, you are sending out the message for “its ending” well in advance, so you basically know how it will turn out, even if unconsciously, and your thought patterns will lead you toward accomplishing that end result even if it is done unconsciously.

Guess what? Most outcomes are completed unconsciously because the thoughts we put out are also unconscious.

It’s all about law of attraction and intention. Negative thoughts sent out can only create negative outcomes. Most people send out these thoughts and intentions on autopilot and wonder why they keep getting the same negative results!

Too many people focus on the way they want their future outcomes to turn out based on their past outcomes, or lack of successes in them.

Even though they may want something great to be the end outcome, they can’t focus on this end outcome in a positive frame of mind long enough, or become jaded in seeing the end outcome turning out the same way as other outcomes.

Herein lays the problem.

You have to tip the balance for seeing things turning out differently and keep rehearsing and visualizing it in your mind over and over as turning out the way you want it to turn out. You see, the mind (unconscious) is easily tricked into believing something is real even when it isn’t.

In this case if you focus on the intended outcome you want often and ceremoniously and add feeling to it (Experiencing it in your mind with the way you would truly feel when it does happen), then the unconscious will work on creating and generating thought processes within your mind that will attract the outcome to you.

Your mind is a magnet.

You are capable and can attract the people, situations and circumstances into your life if you focus on the outcomes long enough and focus your emotional energies on them.

The key then is pick something you really want, see yourself as having that desired outcome and feeling it like crazy even though you haven’t gotten it yet. Your thoughts and feelings will draw the outcome you want. In this case a positive and desirable outcome.

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