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Mind the Gap – Moving to the Right Side of Your Potential Gap

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We all have unrealized dreams. Maybe we’ve had them since childhood or they’ve grown on us since adulthood, or we were touched by somebody we wanted to emanate. It can be a career or wealth, or a role we want to play in our community. It doesn’t matter because the effect is the same… a gap. We each have a large potential. It could be physical – such as the athletic kind – or it could be some other level of success such as being an entrepreneur, or being a loving spouse and parent. You’re on the path heading in the right direction but you just can’t seem to bridge… the gap to your potential. We know what we want to become, and see other’s achieving it but we can’t seem to figure out how to bridge the gap for ourselves. We’re left on the wrong side of the gap. We mostly know what we need to do but can’t seem to consistently follow through and take action, or when we do it just doesn’t move us forward. We continually flounder on the wrong side of our potential.

How to Be Your Ideal Self – Overcoming Challenges to a Better You

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Are you familiar with the iconic, timeless hit classic by the great British rock band The Who, ‘Who Are You?’ Many media sources – commercials, TV shows, movies, etc. have used this song as a theme song, an anthem of sorts to encourage people to be themselves – their true, ideal selves. Do you know who you truly are? Do you ever wonder, “Why am I here?”, “Who am I?”, or “Who do I want to be when I grow up?” Many people throughout their lives ask themselves these deep, philosophical questions, spending too much time trying to come up with mundane answers for something that’s deeply rooted in their souls and spirits. Instead of ‘living’ and making their perceptions of their lives an ‘inside job’, they’re waiting for something outside of themselves to transcend them to a higher level. They want to be their ideal self, but just cannot figure out how to! Here’s some help…

Can Hypnosis Help My Child and Do They Make Good Subjects for Hypnotists?

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Can and should hypnosis be used to help children overcome challenges? Cutting to the chase the answer is yes… but it depends on the age and circumstances. This article will explore the “depends” in more depth. The question of “can hypnosis help my child” often arises when it comes to treating mental health issues (improving concentration, anxiety, phobias, behavioral management issues, etc.) in children. Furthermore, many ask, “What is the ‘best age’ to start treating children using hypnosis?” Since hypnosis is not a mind-altering drug or pharmaceutical treatment, say in the same light as an anti-depressant, should the same principles and cautions be used for treating children using hypnosis as they’d be for treating children with depression or OCD using drugs? This is where the debate, argument and disagreement are often times drawn around what is the ‘proper age’ for using hypnosis as a treatment for children, and will it even work? The answers may surprise you… Read more here…

“Now I’ve Lost Weight, How Do I Keep the Weight Off?”

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It seems that losing weight for many people seems to be an increasing global trend. Let’s be honest, North Americans are considered to be one of the most obese societies in the world. Is it any surprise that many are asked by their physicians to lose weight, or they themselves believe that it is time for a physical makeover? Well, many will engage in dietary and fitness programs which will help them lose weight. Some will be successful and some will not, as they will revert back to their old habits, or lack the ambition to carry through on their intentions. For those who have lost the weight, what is next to make sure this doesn’t happen to you? Read more…

Why is it So Darn Hard to Quit Smoking and Ways to Make it Easier

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Are you a smoker? More to the point, were you once a smoker and quit, but now find yourself being a smoker all over again and wanting to quit again? Do you find no matter what you try or do, you seem to always revert back to smoking? Why is it so darn hard to quit smoking? On the other hand, you may be reading this but not a smoker but have a spouse, family member or a friend that smokes and you’re doing research for them, or want to understand just why they can’t seem to quit, or have trouble staying a non-smoker when they do. Regardless of your circumstances I’ve got some answers for you today on “why it is so darn hard to stop smoking.” Discover them here…

The Benefits of Laughing More as an Antidote to Stress and Feeling Better About Your Life

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Why is it as children, we couldn’t get enough laughter? It seemed we were so quick to laugh at the drop of a hat. Everything seemed to possess some element of humor, we used it for the chance to laugh out loud, and laugh without ceasing. We laughed at the antics of others and watching TV or just playing outside. We saw the “funny side” of everything. Even of our friends… and they didn’t mind but joined in with us! Unfortunately, somewhere down the line, perhaps in our early adult lives, we dismissed laughter as being superfluous and not worthy of our time. There are many theories around this from modelling other adults, to life is serious now and having “fun” and laughing is akin to wasting time. But this just isn’t true. Laughter is a wonderful medicine to things that ail us and its time to start getting back that fun of laughter we had in our childhood. Here’s how…

Stop Dating the Wrong Person Using Online Dating Services and Your Life Experiences

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Are you single and find it difficult to meet the right person… you know that elusive soulmate? Are you always dating the wrong kind of people, and your ‘dating’ inner-soul feels like you’re received a blood-spattered battering from a decade in the UFC machine! It probably seems hopeless at times as no matter how many stones you turn over or how many ponds you dip your fishing pole in, you seem to keep landing snakes, toads and sharped fin fish. Enough is enough already! What’s going on here you may be thinking? As difficult as it may be to confront it, have you ever considered the problem isn’t necessarily with whom you’re meeting, but rather with the “bait” and your method of meeting new folks? Find out more here…

How to Boost Your Creativity or Overcome Creativity Blocks

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Are you a person who requires a great deal of creativity to succeed in your career, or personal life? Maybe you’re a writer whose got that “writer’s block” state which is driving you crazy? Perhaps you go through dry spells when you need to be creative that lead you to becoming stuck and unproductive. It might be you’ve a lot going on in your life leading you to feel stressed out, anxious or even complacent, or you’ve slipped into a confidence issue or fear of rejection phase? These factors might be the culprits that lead you to having a block in your creativity, and the problem is catch-22. The more you think about the blockage the harder it seems to get back to your free-flowing thoughts. Well don’t worry, you’ll not lack that creativity forever, and there are ways of boosting it relatively quickly as you’ll read here…

How to Cope with Uncomfortable Situations for Personal Growth

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Who said life was going to be all glamor, a walk in the park…a cake walk? What happens when adversity strikes? How do you deal with adversity or those situations that make you feel uncomfortable? Do you believe that you have the tools for dealing with these types of situations properly? If you think you would like to learn how to deal with adverse situations more effectively and positively, then this article is for you. Let’s face it, everyone is going to have experiences and deal with situations that make them feel less than comfortable. These discomforting experiences can come in one of three forms; people, places or things. Here’s more…

How to Lose Weight Without Counting a Single Calorie

Calorie Counting Examples

Are you an individual who’s desperately trying to lose weight or reduce the adipose fatty tissue on your body and you’ve resorted to ‘calorie counting’? If you are, how’s it working for you so far? The truth is you may be barking up the wrong tree, or wrong supermarket isle! While a popular chorus at one time with weight loss and nutrition gurus– “lose weight by burning more calories than you take in” – the fact is losing weight is more complicated than that. How more difficult? Read on here to find out and what to do…