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Who Invented Hypnosis and What’s the History of Hypnotherapy?

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If you’ve ever wondered about using hypnosis to stop smoking or help on weight loss or something else you may be struggling to overcome then its no surprise you’ll want to know about who “invented hypnosis” and what’s its background and history. Where did hypnosis come from in the first place and who discovered it? Is hypnosis normal, as in a naturally occurring phenomenon? How has it been used in the past and who used it for what? These questions on the roots and development of hypnosis bring up some interesting questions, and where it began and how it’s viewed today by consumers and medical professionals alike. Let’s spend time together exploring and answering these questions to give you a better understanding of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Read more here…

Unconscious Problem Solving – Working Through Problems Using Hypnosis

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Do you ever have difficulty remembering something, especially when you need to remember it at a specific moment or when under pressure? Does it frustrate you knowing the answer is ‘right on the tip of your tongue’, you can almost say it, but there’s some ridiculous mental block that won’t let you recall it in the moment when you most want to remember! Then… moments later… when you’ve stopped actively trying to remember it, suddenly it pops into your thoughts like magic! This happens to all of us and is more common than you may think. This is referred to as unconscious problem solving, not the forgetting part, rather the ‘remembering’ part that comes to us… eventually! Read more to find out how to tap into this for your benefit…

Can Hypnosis Really Help with Depression and How Does it Work?

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Depression is a recognized mental health disorder affecting millions of people on a daily basis. It can happen as a secondary diagnosis of another issue such as Schizophrenia or be the primary diagnosis. We’ll discuss different types in this article. Unfortunately for many, it can affect them for years, and even their entire lives. Depression comes in various types, so, finding the actual cause and proper form of treatment for each person may vary. Getting the right diagnosis and treatment for depression can take a while. In this article I’ll focus on the current thinking around questions such as can hypnosis help for treating depression? Can it help alleviate the symptoms or the causes? Hypnosis is being used to treat a variety of other mental health issues so, can hypnosis cure depression? Read more…

Stop Worrying How Others See You and Be an Effective Communicator

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Do you spend time thinking and worrying over how others see you? Does it impact your job or relationships? Friends, family, lovers? Paying attention and understanding what others think about you is important and healthy. It allows us to grow and mature. But it can also get in the way of who we are and what we can become. So, finding an equilibrium between watching for how others perceive you and focusing on being who you are is a tricky balance. In this short article today, I’m going to explore some simple ways you can reduce the impact of other’s perception of you on your life. Read more…

What is Hypnosis and How Does Hypnosis Work?

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Two common questions I’m asked at meetings I attend when people learn I’m a hypnotist is, what is hypnosis and how does hypnosis work? The fact is, we’ve still so much to learn about our brain and how it works, and though we have some scientific research as it relates to hypnosis, and our brain on it, we have just begun to scratch the surface.
In this article I’ll explore in some depth these two questions to provide what answers we know today, and how hypnosis can help you now even if we don’t entirely understand all the nuances around the impact it has on our brain.

How to Overcome Insecurity in a Relationship and Gain Back Control of Your Life

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Regardless if the basis of your insecurity in your relationship is real or imaginary, the feeling can still be damaging unless you know how to overcome it. Leading causes of relationship dysfunction and dissolution can be found in miscommunication and jealousy. Essentially, many breakdowns are caused by one side being insecure and pushing the other away, or just plain giving up and walking out of the relationship. Do you find yourself in relationships that usually end badly with you either pushing others away, or people walking away from you? Perhaps it’s time to deal with potential ‘insecurity’ issues you might possess! Read more on this topic and ways to overcome these insecurities here…

How to Achieve Stellar Success in Work and Life to Get to Your Dreams

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Whether you’re trying to achieve success in life or in business doesn’t really matter, the underlying themes are consistent. How you do anything is how you do everything. Success doesn’t have to be, nor I’d argue should it be, at the expense of others. But of course, we are rarely told this growing up. In fact, most people feel, at least in business, success is measured in a way that directly puts you in competition with others, and in order for you to succeed they must fail. But of course, real success is about inner success and not just about sales quotas or how many friends you have on social media, or even how many dollars are in your bank account. It can be all of these but if just one then lasting happiness is going to be a long way behind. And this gets at the heart of why I ask that question to my clients. “How will your life be different when you achieve your goal?” Because in essence the question being asked is really “What will success look like for you.” Get more help here…

Can Hypnosis Really Help with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – OCD?

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In this article you’ll discover: 1) What Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is about and how it manifests itself in patients with it, and what we know today, 2) Common treatments used to help with the symptoms covering medications and traditional therapies including the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy technique called ERP. 3) Introduction to use of hypnosis as an alternative treatment to answer the question can hypnosis really help with OCD. 3) Further reading and hypnosis resources around OCD covering the treatments, research, and information with the disorder. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental health disorder affecting about 4.3 million people of all ages in the U.S. The condition if severe can render some helpless, leaving them unable to live comfortable and productive lives. It’s usually treated today with the help of medication, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and other alternative and complimentary therapies including hypnosis. I’ll discuss all of these in this article. Currently, there are no medical tests that can be performed to diagnose the condition, and so it’s determined by a doctor’s assessment of the symptoms and behaviors, and the impact on the patient. Like many mental health conditions these days the professional consensus is biological and environmental factors most likely contribute to the condition, or at least place a person at risk of obtaining the disorder. There is some evidence it can be hereditary as well. OCD cannot be prevented but early diagnoses and ongoing treatment can help provide most inflicted with the condition relief from their symptoms, and provide the opportunity for a near-normal life. Now let’s start with understanding what is OCD and then move into current treatments. Read more here…

Here’s What Hypnosis Does to the Brain – What Happens to Your Brain on Hypnosis Revealed

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In this article you’ll discover: 1) Why science and medical researchers are showing an expanded interest in hypnosis today. 2) What science and medical studies are finding out about “what hypnosis does to the brain” from a visual perspective. 3) Translation and mapping of the characteristics of these studies, to understanding how hypnosis produces the results, and outcomes, hypnotherapists see in patients and clients. 4) Further reading and hypnosis resources around the cited hypnosis studies, and understanding further what hypnosis can be used for, and the benefits it provides. When trying to answer what hypnosis does to the brain there are two types of answers. One is scientific and delves into understanding what exactly in the brain can be seen to change during hypnosis, and the other focuses more on the results and outcomes for the person experiencing hypnosis, or put another way – “This is what happens to your brain on hypnosis.” Both sides of the coin interest researchers and practitioners of psychology and psychotherapy. We have many more questions about our complex brain than answers, and this is likely to be the case for the foreseeable future. We’ve only just started on our journey of understanding our brain and how it all works. But why the interest on hypnosis by science and researchers? Let’s see by reading more here…

Discover the Amazing Healing Power of Fun Hypnosis to Overcome Stress and Achieve Happiness

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In this article you’ll discover: 1) What fun hypnosis is all about and how it can bring back that childhood happiness you had growing up, 2) How escaping from reality is as “real as it comes” using hypnosis and how anybody can do it at any hour of the day to restore their life balance, 3) 9 amazing journeys you can take using hypnosis to get you started, and 4) Further reading and hypnosis resources for help in understanding the benefits of fun hypnosis. Hypno-therapy then is use of hypnosis for therapeutic reason… but who said this can’t be fun? After all, as we know, anything that gives us fun… is therapeutic! So let’s agree to define fun hypnosis as just an extension of therapeutic hypnosis, and dive deeper into it here and, as they say… have some fun. Find out how here…