Using Mental Rehearsals to Get the Results You Desire

by Erika Slater

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Rehearsing outcomes in your mind makes subconscious believe you already did it

How are some people apparently able to master things so much easier than others?

Some people can physically practice and rehearse something for hours, even sometimes days, whereas some individuals practice and rehearse minimally and they look like they have been doing what they do best before they were even born.

What’s with that?

Why are some people better than others at certain things even though they don’t have the same training, background or have not sacrificed the same amount of time to hone their skills?

I am sure there are people reading this who want to know what the secret is and the secret is simple – Mental Rehearsal!

There have been many profound studies on the tremendous effects of mental rehearsals on the exceptional results of tasks performed. A study a couple of decades ago had high school students split into two groups who were to shoot baskets.

Both groups of students were not avid basketball players to start out and were just “average“.

Group “number one” was allowed to practice shooting baskets for a week for roughly an hour a day. Group “number two” was not allowed to shoot baskets rather they spent the same hour visualizing that they were practicing shooting hoops and being successful in sinking basketballs.

At the end of the week, the two groups were tested against one another to measure accuracy and success from their methods for getting better at sinking basketballs.

Wouldn’t you know it!

The group that was only allowed to visualize outperformed the group that was actually allowed to practice. How the heck was that possible? Simple: Expectation for success is based on mental rehearsal.

If you been there in the mind through your imagination, you are more likely to go there in the body. You see, the conscious mind, which is in control of one’s thoughts, is able to plants directive seeds for perceiving outcomes (end results) in the subconscious/unconscious mind.

When these seeds or outcomes are planted in the unconscious mind, it doesn’t know any better and accepts them as realities. The unconscious mind then works toward attaining the finished outcome that is placed there through mental rehearsal.

Is it easy to train the mind through mental rehearsal as to achieve the end result that you most want to attain? The answer is yes!

The best way to achieve it is through repetitious thought or hypnosis. Repetitious thought is basically self-hypnosis, or subliminal messaging created by the thinker. If you are someone that has troubles focusing on repetitious thinking and ingraining thoughts, hypnosis achieved through the guidance of a trained hypnotherapist or self-hypnosis CD’s is the best way to get you toward seeing the end results you wish to attain.

When you use hypnosis, it speeds the process up and also makes you feel more confident of attaining the outcome. The law of attraction is based on faith in self and the outcome, and this helps create “faith” that the process will lead to the end result!

If you really want something bad enough, then start rehearsing mentally. If you are still struggling, then try hypnosis and you are on your way toward victory!

Mental Rehearsals is one of the fundamental topics I cover in my Confidence and Self-Esteem Hypnosis Program.


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