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erika-formal-contactI follow-up with all my clients after a few weeks to see how they’re doing.

Some require another session due to a relapse or as a reinforcement. It happens and nothing to fret over.

Of those that respond to my follow-up the responses below are not unusual.


*As with any service or product program
involving behavioral changes there is no
guarantee of specific results and
individual results will vary.

Because of the private nature of my services some clients do not wish me to disclose specific identifying personal information on a public website about them so I’ve respected their wishes.

“I was very skeptical at first. Erika is great very friendly and explains everything about hypnosis. As of now I am smoke free and have been for a month and a half. I was smoking almost two packs a day. I tried everything to quit Chantix, lozenges, e-cigarette,patches, the gum you name it I tried it. After my session my big worries were craving for a cigarette, but let me tell you the craving were just gone. The next morning when I woke up for work at quarter of 5 there was nothing! No craving at all and to be honest I didn’t even think about a cigarette until I seen and empty pack in my car. Since my session I have not gained any weight or had a single craving. If your worried about the cost don’t be… it is well worth it.” – Christopher Dupre MA*

“Thank you Erika, I’m so happy you have helped me move into the world of happiness and freedom that I deserve. I have been doing great and the only item that I think about is ‘how many cigarettes I would have smoked by now’ but being a nonsmoker, I’m not worried about it! Thank you SO much for helping me to get here. I didn’t realize how MUCH I thought about how/when I was going to have my next cigarette – rather than spend the quality time with others that I should have been doing! I found a new piece of life happiness that I hadn’t known, due to the hold on the cigarettes, but I’m very happy, eating well, and exercising, so that I can try to lose weight as well. Thank you for being such an inspirational, life changing person in my life!” – Eileen Penniman, Methuen, MA*

“I’ve tried to quit smoking several times before. I’ve tried Wellbutrin, nicotine gum, cold turkey, but nothing worked. I worried that I would never be able to rid of the habit. After meeting with Erika for the first time, I had hoped that I could finally do it. After my session I was able to feel calm and relaxed in the face of situations where I would typically feel the urge to smoke. I was not tempted at all and felt finally in control and finally feel free. I never thought I would be, but I am now a non-smoker. Thank you Erika!” – Andrea McAuliffe, Worcester, MA*

“I have always been motivated to lose weight. I have knowledge about nutrition and have researched and tried numerous plans. The first few days were challenging for me until I realized what it was that was throwing me a hurdle. Simply put, I had no idea what hunger really felt like nor did I know what it felt like to feel full and satisfied. However, I was all too familiar with the undesirable feeling of being stuffed and bloated after overeating. With patience and Erika’s guidance through hypnosis, in only a few short days I was able to recognize the ever crucial ‘full signal’. The hypnosis CD is incredibly valuable. It is like having Erika with you every step of the way. The beauty of it is that you can listen to it whenever you a little support. It is a great way to stay focused and to help strengthen the suggestions. I listen to it in the morning before I wake, in the evening before dinner and at night before I go to sleep. I am well on my way to my goal weight and the healthy active lifestyle I have always wanted.” – Marina, MA*

“I’ve been a smoker for 15 years. I came to Erika somewhat skeptical about the process. Initially I came just for a consult and ended up getting hypnotized that same day. I walked in the door a smoker and out the door a non-smoker! Truly amazing! No cravings. No anxiety attacks. I feel great!” – Valeska Ross, Templeton, MA*

“I feel different, a lot more energy. I make very different choices (on food and meal portions) than I did a month ago. I really think about what I’m going to eat.” – Mary, MA*

I came to see Erika with a little hesitation. I was not sure how it would work. I had tried everything, “cold turkey,” patch, gum, Wellbutrin, and nothing seemed to get it out for good – always thinking about smoking. After my first session I felt great! I was relaxed (more than I ever thought possible) – I was different! That smoking thought was gone! In one hour I was a non-smoker. In my mind I was free and clear of smoking. I’m a new changed person. A non-smoker. Thank you!” – Jade Bredberg, Worcester, MA*

“It’s changing the habit inside and this is what you’re given me. I’ve never drank water before… and that’s all I drink now. I don’t miss the soda or other stuff. I feel like I’m finally getting in shape.” Richard B, Milford, MA*

I find it much easier to stop eating when I am full and I am taking smaller portions and feeling satisfied.  As soon as I get on a scale I will let you know for sure.   BUT, the last pair of golf shorts I purchased were a 14 down from the 16 I usually wear.” – Pamela Delaney, Milford, MA*

“It has been interesting at first seeing just how many things that smoking was involved in, just about everything. I have not had any real bad days, I think about it less but the cravings seem stronger but pass quickly. I feel very good about being a nonsmoker and for the first time I believe I am. Thanks for your help”
Bill G, Cape Cod, MA*

“This is such a wonderful place to be when trying to relax. They have cleared my mind and got rid of my smoking forever. Erika is the greatest. I’ve been trying to quit for a long time. God bless you for what you’ve done for my life. I will never forget you.” – Anne Grondin, Douglas, MA*

“I lost in the area of 20lbs… I have not had any sweets nor had any great desire to have any. The really good news though is that my sugar readings have been very low for me, unless I forget to take meds, and have remained low for months now. This alone was worth going through the program.” – Bill, Milford, MA*

“I just wanted to write and let you know that I have been smoke free for 4 months now thanks to your service. I was skeptical at first but as time goes on I am so proud of myself. I have told others about my success with hypnosis and will definitely send them your way. Thank you again.” – Lou-Ellen C, Charlton, MA*

“I’m doing great! Not a smoke. My mother-in-law ended up passing away and we were all there. I promised her I would never touch another cigarette and with your help I won’t. I want to thank you as I haven’t even had one craving even thru all the stress of her death. Thank you so much and I passed your name on to a co-worker and told him he should call as its worth it. Thank you so much for everything – Heidi.” – Heidi D, Shrewsbury, MA*

“Today is day 16 and I am SMOKE-FREE!! It’s unbelievable!! You have done some kind of magic!! I do still have a craving here and there, but they are very “dull” and go away within minutes. I’ve also been listening to the CD you gave me and that has been helpful. The only drawback is that I have gained at least ten pounds. BUT, that’s okay. I feel healthier then I have in a long time, and I have even started to use the treadmill! Thank you for helping me finally kick the habit! I’m very confident that this time my “quit” is going to stick!!” – R Drouin, Dudley, MA*

“I’d been trying to quit smoking for several years and I just couldn’t make it stick. I could go a few days or weeks but I always fell back into it. One night I decided I had to make it work, went online and found Erika. She fitted me into her schedule immediately and I’ve been blissfully smoke free ever since. No stress, no weight gain, no issues. I don’t even think about smoking anymore. Thanks Erika!” – Catherine B, Boston, MA*

“Well, I have the pleasure to tell you that I am currently on my 35th day being smoke free. It seems unreal, but I hardly ever think of cigarettes. Actually, I’ve never had a craving since I left your house. Even people that know me can’t believe I have quit. I started going back to the gym, but I haven’t made enough progress as to send you a picture yet – maybe in a couple of months. Thanks again for helping me to quit.” – Martin C, Marlborough, MA*

“Hi Erika, I was thinking of you this morning. Yes, I am smoke free. I cannot thank you enough. I will be in a place or situation where I will think about smoking, but I have no desire to buy or smoke. It is strange, I will feel that I should be smoking and than something that you said will pop into my mind and all is well. Tomorrow I will be driving to NJ; this is a time when I am alone and always enjoyed smoking. I keep thinking of you telling me that smoking does not relax you and I am finally seeing that. Thank you again.” – Sandy G, Cape Cod, MA*

“I am doing very well. Rarely think about it. Very few and minimal cravings. I am very proud to talk about not smoking with my friends. It’s also an awesome feeling to see my children, my boyfriend, and my friends smile and say how proud they are of me for not smoking. Thank you so much for sitting with me. It is the best thing I could ever do for ME!!!” – Michele C, Webster, MA*

“Thanks to you I’m still smoke free. Ive been exercising almost every day, trying to get buff for the summer and I feel great. Funny thing is, I haven’t really even played guitar or sang, since then. I’ll get to it, and I’m sure my voice will be stronger than ever. Thanks again.” – Mike M, Cape Cod, MA*

“Haven’t smoked. Don’t intend to. No real withdrawal symptoms. Thanks” – Brian M, Worcester, MA*

“I had smoked for over 40 years. I’d tried everything, classes, groups, counseling, patches, gum, lozenges, wellbutrin, chantix, and cold turkey. Most of these I tried over and over and still could not stop smoking. I had 1 session with Erika and I have not had a single cigerette since. In addition it was soooo much easier than any other method I have ever tried. My thanks to Erika for all she has done and I would recommend her services to anyone.” – Dan Luker, MA*

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