Overcoming Noise Sensitivity

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Noise sensitivity has nothing to do with hearing…

This article has been updated in February 2017 to provide more conditions and treatments. You can find the updated article here >>>

Do you find that loud noises, especially the sudden ones bother you?

Do you become easily unraveled, even jittery after hearing loud sounds that you are stressed out for a long period of time thereafter?

Are there certain sounds that you just can’t seem to block out no matter what you do that get so deep under your skin that they lead you to feeling irate? Perhaps you possess Misophonia, which is a sensitivity to loud or repetitive noises.

Is it normal?

If so, what can you do about it to change it?

Some people become to stressed out because of noise and withdraw to the point of becoming a hermit. Misophonia is an intense, even hatred of sound. Often times, you will “hear” of people possessing selective sound sensitivity whereby certain sounds are triggers for setting them off into having feelings of fear, anger or even hatred.

Misophonia is not really a hearing problem (involving the ears) rather a neurological problem that relates to possible abnormal brain functioning. One of the problems people succumb to that have Misophonia is that develop intense anxiety, even avoidant behavior where they are afraid to leave home because they can control the level of noise and stimuli in their house.

This actually creates and perpetuates social phobias.

The belief is that if and when you are alone, in a controlled and isolated environment that the symptoms of disdain (anger, resentment, anxiety and hatred) for sound will dissipate or even go away.

Yes, it will be minimal in some instances and controlled for a while, but the reality is that as long as you have the ability process information by sound (hearing), you will be potentially triggered by sound. The problem is that it is hard to live as a hermit the rest of your life, especially if you have a career or others depend on you.

If you have this disorder, or just can’t tolerate loud noises, are you going to live in torment the rest of your life?

Can anything be done like “now” to change the quality of your life?

One approach is using hypnosis to overcome Misophonia by scheduling office sessions with a trained hypnotherapist. In as short as one or two sessions, you can learn cues to block out the “noise” triggers that would normally set you off and can begin to engage in life more pleasurably!

If scheduling a visit to a hypnotherapist’s office is not practical for you then you can find inexpensive self-hypnosis products you can download to your MP3 player or computer. You can find one such product specifically for Overcoming Noise Sensitivity by clicking here >>>

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