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When we feel good about ourselves and our confidence is high it feels like there is nothing we can't do or accomplish.

Have you had those feelings?

I hope you have as it's a feeling worth spending effort and time to get to. The fact is for most of us what stops us is what is inside our head. What is in our head could be there from childhood or more recent circumstances. I've studied successful people and I documented below what I uncovered. I'm here to tell you there is nothing stopping you having a high self-esteem and being a confident person. Nothing that is... except you.

The journey though may be challenging but if you can remember back to a time when your confidence was high and you valued your worth, then it's worth a whole lot of effort to get back to that place isn't it?

As you'll learn confidence is many time contextual. You can't be confident at everything you tackle. So you may confident about your presentation skills but not about the topic you're preparing to present on. So don't confuse general confidence about you as a person and your worth with confidence about a topic.

While the topic of self-esteem is important and has high focus for many don't lose sight of self-compassion. We need to show kindness towards ourselves in addition to others. Most of us are too quick to use harsh words on ourselves when we make mistakes or don't get the result we expect. But we're not perfect and we've only failed if we let it stop us trying again.

Start with the important first article so you have a model to work with. Completing all the articles is almost like taking a mini-course in confidence and self-esteem, but... there is much more waiting.


1. The Eight Habits of Highly Confident People

2. Dealing With Ego

3. Not Being a Hostage to the Past

4. How to Cope with Any Situation

5. Comparison to Others

6. Keeping a Sense of Humor

7. Focusing on the Outcome

8. Using Mental Rehearsals for Outcomes

9. Overcome Challenging Thoughts

10. Stop Worrying What Others Think

11. Improving Your Self-Image

12. Drawing Clear Boundaries

13. Self-Talk Confidence Builders

14. Coping with Uncomfortable Situations


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