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Sandwich Cape Cod boardwalk
The Sandwich Boardwalk
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Hello, my name is Erika Slater and I provide all the hypnotherapy services for Free At Last Hypnosis.

For a while in late 2016 and early 2017 I was seeing clients in two locations - my Central Massachusetts office and also operating my Hypnotherapy Services Sandwich office. Moving your business 60 miles and effectively starting again isn’t something to do regularly! It was a crazy time for me with long days (and nights), lots of driving – and coffee - and more than a few nights sleeping on an office couch!

The things we do for living on the Cape!

Today, I no longer have a shared office space in Sandwich and see all my clients in one location in Mashpee or online. But I enjoyed my time in Sandwich and have a steady stream of clients from the area as my Mashpee location is convenient and easy for them to get to see me.

My Mashpee office is located on Route 151 and not far from Route 130 which connects Sandwich with Mashpee. My office is located in a quiet professional building so I’m able to create a relaxing and distraction free environment for my clients. The building has plenty of parking in front and to the side and is on one level so, handicap accessible. The office is located just a mile from the Mashpee rotary and Mashpee Commons marketplace.

This office also serves the Cape Cod towns of Barnstable, Bourne, Dennis, Falmouth, Hyannis and Yarmouth.

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Dexter Grist Mill and Historic Colonial home in Sandwich MA
Historic Tourist Sights in Sandwich MA

Sandwich Information and Photos:

Sandwich, together with Yarmouth, is listed as the oldest town on Cape Cod – founded in 1639. The 2010 census numbers the population as 20,675. Originally, the western part of the Town included an area incorporated as the separate Town of Bourne in 1884. - more at Wikipedia here.

While most of Cape Cod Canal is located in Bourne, the northern end is at the Cape Cod Bay in Sandwich. The canal was officially completed in 1916 and you can learn more about the building of it by visiting the Army Corps of Engineers Cape Cod Visitor Center in Sandwich. Because of the tide currents it is dangerous to swim in the Canal and it’s prohibited.

Sandwich has a number of historic areas and sightseeing destinations. One of my personal favorites is the Heritage Museums and Gardens. The Rhododendron displays in May are wonderful to see, but the gardens and museums are worth visiting anytime during the open season. Our family enjoys the carousel – a beautifully maintained attractions towards the end of the gardens - and the different events and museums on the grounds. Other attractions in the Town itself include the Sandwich Glass Museum, the Dexter Grist Mill and the many galleries, rare book and antique stores.

And if you have the time walk the Sandwich Boardwalk which has been rebuilt a few times after Hurricanes and Blizzards have destroyed it over the years. The Boardwalk is 1,350 feet long or ¼ mile, and takes you out to Cape Cod Bay. The views are stunning as it takes you over a creek, marshes and dunes.

Hypnosis Services Covering Sandwich:

All hypnosis services programs covering Sandwich are offered in my Mashpee office and require an appointment. I schedule free consultations and hypnosis service sessions Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-1pm. However, I can accommodate early morning and evening times, and later Saturday appointments if required. I am closed on Sunday.

I offer private and group hypnosis programs but not for all services.

Private programs can be one session, as in my signature Quit Smoking Hypnosis Service, or four sessions for something like my Weight Loss Hypnosis Service. Regardless of session number a private program is customized for each client to ensure specific challenges are overcome and desired results obtained.

Private session’s work best for clients who want the dedicated focus of a hypnotist to achieve results in quickest possible time. Because these are one-on-one session’s appointment(s) can be scheduled at convenience of client. Some of my programs such as my Sugar Addiction Hypnosis Service are only offered privately.

Group hypnosis programs offer clients a different atmosphere than private sessions. All my groups are small – upper limit of 10 people – and work best for those who benefit from a more structured session, thrive when participating with others, and don’t need the individual customization of private sessions. Groups are scheduled at set dates and times so there is less flexibility for participants.

While group participation benefits from reduced costs you should look at it from the perspective of what works best for you and gives you best opportunity of success - clients achieve success with either type of program. Also be aware that depending on time of year with Groups there may be a wait list or less choice on timely availability. If you’re not sure which is best for you feel free to contact me directly using the information at the bottom of this page.

For the last two years I have been scheduling appointments online to provide access to my services for those who can’t travel to my office or live off Cape or in another state. These work exactly the same as my in-office sessions providing you have a computer and a fast and stable Internet service provider.

In addition to my stop smoking and weight loss services I also provide hypnotherapy services covering stress and anxiety relief and to help increase confidence and self-esteem. My Special Hypnosis Services Programs also provides sleep problems, sports performance, mental toughness and resilience, phobias and fears, grief and loss, stage anxiety, and personal improvement and challenges.

Find out more about my various Hypnotherapy Services here.

I look forward to seeing how I can help you.


Erika Slater CH
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