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Erika Slater headshot photo 300x300Personal Growth is all about not standing still but growing and being all you can be. But it’s easy to get “lost” in our fast-paced world and the stress of just making it through each day, and the demands of others.

Self-improvement starts with a desire and belief you deserve everything in life you can get. It then requires commitment and focus to stay the course to achieve your goals. Yes, you are worth it! The journey is lifelong, but it should be rewarding and fun.

Personal growth means dedication to your goals and willingness to persevere through barriers and hardships, and the selection of materials you’ll find here cover insights into mental toughness and resilience, confidence and self-esteem, self-improvement, managing stress, accepting the power of your mind and much more.

Enjoy the articles.

Not Being a Hostage to the Past

By Erika Slater
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Are you a person who constantly lives in the past? Do you constantly have fleeting or direct thoughts on how great it would be to go back in time and relive a moment and change it so it turns out differently? Perhaps the movie Back To The Future is your favorite and you wish you could find a Delorian and get yourself a flux capacitor to take you back to that moment that you regret in order for you to recreate it! Guess what folks? That isn’t happening anytime soon…well anytime ever! It’s time to get over the past and live in the present. Here’s more…

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Dealing with Your Ego So It Doesn’t Become a Self-Esteem Issue

By Erika Slater
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Are you one of those people who have hard time with letting your “ego” get in the way? Are you driven by the need to not only feel like you are always right, but “Are right all of the time!”? If this sounds like you in any way, then perhaps this article is for you. That is if you are not willing to let your ego get in the way of learning how to “not let your ego” get in the way! Egos are an interesting part of our personalities. Ego is often misquoted in the context of which it was intended to mean according to the great father of Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud. Here’s more…

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How to Think with a Millionaire Mind to Attract Wealth

By Peter Sacco
Millionaire Mind Image

This concept of “millionaire mind” has been floating out there for the last couple of decades – airwaves, media, books, etc. Just exactly what is a millionaire mind and where on earth does one go about finding one? Good question! I will provide you with two immediate answers.

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The Power of Mind Over Matter

By Erika Slater
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“The Power of Positive Thinking” and “The Secret” is two books that came to mind when thinking about the words intent and power of attraction as a way to get the outcomes you want. Whether you’ve read either or practiced their message doesn’t matter at the moment. You may even be skeptical and feel its all mumbo jumbo and the world and your fate is the way it is and you can’t influence it. I admit it’s a big jump from where most of us in working towards our goals feel manifesting them can happen just by thinking about them and asking the universe to take care of it for us. So instead let’s start in a different place.

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