The Power of Mind Over Matter

by Erika Slater

mind body soul spirit imageThe Power of Positive Thinking” and “The Secret” is two books that came to mind when thinking about the words intent and power of attraction as a way to get the outcomes you want.

Whether you’ve read either or practiced their message doesn’t matter at the moment. You may even be skeptical and feel its all mumbo jumbo and the world and your fate is the way it is and you can’t influence it. I admit it’s a big jump from where most of us in working towards our goals feel manifesting them can happen just by thinking about them and asking the universe to take care of it for us.

So instead let’s start in a different place.

Let’s start instead having a dialogue about mind over matter. This is where Peter Andrew Sacco Ph.D. second installment of his series begins the real journey he has in store for you. In his “Mind Body Connection – Mind Over Matter” he reveals everyday things we do and commands we have of our bodies that prove the powerful connection between our body and mind.

Our brain may ask our bodies to do something but the same connection is used by our bodies to send bio-feedback to our minds if our thinking is flawed and even dangerous.

Peter Sacco teaches us that everything we see that is man-made was the result of mind over matter. A dream home was designed in somebody’s mind long before anything was drawn and it is powerful imagery that shapes our world.

If we spent as much time thinking about positive outcomes as opposed to negative ones then Peter Sacco suggests our lives will be more fulfilling. The mind is okay with thinking negative thoughts – it doesn’t care – it keeps us in the simple and in our comfort zone.

But dreaming big and acting positively takes us out of our comfort zone and creates tension at first and this is where the mind has to overcome the obstacles and barriers of negativity as your own thoughts start to “beat you down” to get you back to simple and your norm.

This is compelling reading and I hope you enjoy this leg of the journey in our Mind Body Connection series. Read Part II of our series here.

Here at Free At Last Hypnosis we recognize and understand the mind body connection is real. We see the strong connection in evidence almost every day with our clients we help with our weight loss service or various stop smoking hypnosis programs.


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Erika Slater, CH
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