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A Libary of Information and Resources for Changing Habits and Beliefs

In addition to hundreds of posts collected here I’ve written informational articles about hypnosis, NLP, habits, beliefs, mindset, and related topics, where you can discover more about hypnosis and how it can help you and your loved ones. This library of hypnotherapy resources can be accessed by clicking the access resources link below, or you can continue to read to access our blog posts.

Your subconscious mind is a powerful resource you have at your disposal but most people don’t know how to reach and influence it to help get changes in their life they want. It’s possible to learn self-hypnosis to tap into this powerful resource and while this can involve practice and commitment the rewards are lifelong.

How to Manage Insulin Resistance: What You Need to Know

You may hear the term Insulin resistance (IR) before but are not sure you fully understand why it happens and what you can do about it. It is a medical diagnosis that can have far-reaching consequences. One of the first questions people with IR have when diagnosed is how to fix and manage their insulin ...
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The Most Important Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss

Luckily there are just a few secrets to weight loss... There are two important secrets to weight loss I’ve learned in helping my clients, and critical to know if you’re considering a weight loss program ...
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Let Go of Ego and You Let Go of Stress!

Always needing to be right is stressful Have you ever felt like no matter what you are doing or trying, life seems to always be going against a stiff current? It is almost as if ...
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Self-Control – Setting Limits and Living Life in Moderation

Can you set limits and stop? One of the toughest things I often hear people tell me is that they have a very difficult time living life in moderation. Apparently, many of them just do ...
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Calling All Aging Baby Boomers – The Next Step

As a Man Thinketh so he becomes In my last article on the Aging Baby Boomer topic – Simple Ways for Aging Baby Boomers to Stay Young - I discussed ways to live and incorporate ...
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How to Manage the Two Sides of the Stress Coin

Managing stress is key to keeping healthy STRESS: (def'n) A psychological distressing feeling leading to thoughts of frustration and eventual rage causing you to want to choke the hell out of the person closest to ...
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In this free audio hypnosis session, you’ll experience the power of your subconscious mind to begin to change your habits. If you've never experienced hypnosis before then this is a great introduction...