Self-Control – Setting Limits and Living Life in Moderation

by Peter Sacco

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Can you set limits and stop?

One of the toughest things I often hear people tell me is that they have a very difficult time living life in moderation.

Apparently, many of them just do not know when to say when! Some people have a hard time putting down their weapon of choice (fork) at the dinner table once they start to chow down.

When it comes to buffets, all bets are off so to speak… eat as much as you can and make sure you get your money’s worth!

What is the fine line between satisfaction versus satiation when it comes to eating? Good question!

Western society, namely North America holds an all-or-nothing principle which asserts “Get it while the going is good!” Many people hold onto this notion of getting as much as they can while they can get it because there are no guarantees come tomorrow — store up today just in case of a rainy day.

Interestingly, this has become the mentality at meal and snack times. In North America, it seems unseasonably wet most of the time!

Too many people settle for quantity over quality. Don’t get me wrong, getting the most for your hard working bucks is always a good thing. When it comes to compromising your health and overall physical well-being then opting for the “quality” side of the coin is generally more preferable.

In order to live life in moderation, you need to set limits. I know it easier said than done. It’s not that hard however once you have decided what your limits are and then sticking to them.

You see, most people do not live their lives in moderation because they don’t set limits in advance. Furthermore, when limits are set in advance, many still do not follow through because their mind has them trained to revert back to previous habits — getting all you can get!

The key to succeeding at limit setting is through creating goals and sticking to them. How is this achieved? The best way is through self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis helps individuals to rehearse situations in advance in their minds and see them succeeding at what they most want to do, in this case eating in moderation.

Self-hypnosis for learning to live life in moderation (i.e. eating in moderation/controlled meals) is best achieved under the guidance of a trained hypnotherapist. A hypnotherapist can help clients identify and shape the behaviors they wish to modify. Our online and in-office weight loss hypnosis service discusses portion moderation as a key topic early on in our multi-session program.

Hypnotherapists can help create scripts, post hypnotic cues and suggestions that will help clients succeed. Just thinking about things and rehearsing them mentally is good but not as powerful as when they are accompanied with visuals and energized with “feelings” to make things intensely real. You see, under hypnosis one can experience the event and see it going accordingly before ever experiencing the actual event. When the actual event occurs, you already know how it turns out because you have had success doing the visual/feeling experience in the hypnosis session.

Using hypnosis is a sure-fire way to start developing the skills for living life in moderation. Seeing is believing and if you have already seen yourself a success in advance, then the real experience will be a piece of cake… well, hopefully limited to only one piece!


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Peter Andrew Sacco Ph.D.
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