Erika Slater headshot photo 300x300Self-improvement can mean many things to different people. Here are Free At Last hypnosis we are big on this topic because in our experience hypnosis can be an effective tool to help people make significant changes to improve their lives.
This can range from overcoming an unhealthy habit to breaking down barriers holding people back from achieving their goals. We’ve found in one way or another if we can help people change their habits it can help them with their personal growth aims.
Peter Sacco Ph.D. has written a comprehensive library of articles on self-improvement for us – I’ve added a few myself – and these include expanding skills in sports performance, mental toughness, test taking, speaking, motivation and much more.
A truism today is if you’re standing still, you’re really losing ground. Always striving for self-improvement keeps us moving forward and we experience the wonder of growth both for ourselves and those we care about.
Enjoy the articles.

How to Participate in Conversations Easily

By Peter Sacco
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Talking with other people is second nature for most, first nature for some! Some people are masters at talking while others are dominators of conversation–they don’t let others get a word in edge-wise. Then there are those who have a hard time clearing their throats and adding something to the conversation. They would rather be seen and not heard. Why is it that some people find it so difficult to participate in conversations easily? If you are one of those who have a difficult time speaking, then perhaps reading this will help you.

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Getting in the Zone – What it Means and How to Get There

By Peter Sacco
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Have you ever heard of the concept, “Getting in the zone”? When you read this are you compelled to believe it is a specific place or location that you have to get to? Getting in the zone or into the zone means getting into your mind’s eye and spirit and truly living in the moment. Whenever you get into the zone, you are feeling the moment with the entirety of your senses as your senses become highly focused. In hypnosis or meditation this is referred to as being in a “here and now moment”, or possessing “tunnel vision.” Here’s more about it and how to get in the zone yourself.

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The Difference Between Interest Versus Commitment to Make Changes

By Peter Sacco
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How do you know when you are committed to something rather than just possessing a passing fancy or interest in something? Are there mystical bells and whistles that go off letting you know that you are “In all the way baby!”? At what point does your interest cross that fine line and become a commitment or a major lifestyle change for you? Simple! When you look forward each and every day to doing it, or there is something inside of you that makes you feel like you just can’t or don’t want to live without it! Here’s more about being committed or merely interest and the difference it makes to making significant changes such as losing weight or quitting smoking…

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How To Be Yourself Socially

By Peter Sacco
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How does one go about being themselves socially? Is there some kind of norm for people to follow which states how you should behave in all situations? Do you believe you have to act or react a certain way in order to be accepted by others? Whatever happened to just “being yourself”? Its funny how many people believe they need to act, dress or become a certain way to fit in socially. There is that saying that, “The clothes make the man!” I might buy into that a bit, however I would rather go with, “It’s who decides which clothes he is going to buy which will make him!” Being who and what you are is all about thinking.

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