The Difference Between Interest Versus Commitment to Make Changes

by Peter Sacco

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Committed or interested will impact results

How do you know when you are committed to something rather than just possessing a passing fancy or interest in something? Are there mystical bells and whistles that go off letting you know that you are “In all the way baby!”?

At what point does your interest cross that fine line and become a commitment or a major lifestyle change for you? Simple! When you look forward each and every day to doing it, or there is something inside of you that makes you feel like you just can’t or don’t want to live without it! When you feel that intensity, you know you are completely in – committed to someone or something.

First off, all commitments start out as an interest or desire to learn or know more about someone or something. You can’t just jump into any sort of commitment without at least first having an interest. Once the interest grows or becomes intense due to repeated experiences engaging in an activity, or engaging your thought processes on it that it elicits feelings within you, the interest moves beyond its shallow limitations and a greater feeling of want is fostered.

As you learn to want something more and more, it almost feels like a necessity in your life.

At this point you just feel as if you cannot or don’t want to live without it. Quitting on it or not following through does not feel like a viable option. When you are at the point when you are ready to move proverbial “mountains” to get and or hold onto what you have achieved, which once started out as an interest, you are definitely committed.

And commitments are great because they awaken within you a passion that connects you to something which makes you feel alive and worth living for.

Often times I will hear people say I want to quit smoking or lose weight. Who doesn’t right? The question I would ask them is, “Are you interested in changing your life, or are you committed to changing your life in these areas?”

You see, when one is “just interested“, they are not ready.

When one is “interested” in something, there are many levels to it. In fact, they can be a “spectator” without having to participate. I may have an interest in watching on TV divers swim after Great White sharks in the ocean, but I have no interest in getting in there with them.

If I did chose to get into the ocean with them and chase these sharks around, I not only have an interest in these sharks, but I am “committed” to not only learn more them, but engage in experiences that are very different from my normal lifestyle and force me to step out of my traditional comfort zone by embracing change.

At the end of the day, getting in the ocean and experiencing it first hand is going to be more rewarding than just watching it on TV like anyone can.

So when it comes to commitment to quitting smoking or losing weight, one has to be passionate about it, embrace change and do whatever is required to get there.

Conversely, anyone can be interested in quitting smoking or losing weight, but if they are only “interested“, then they are probably still only talking about it and not doing it. In the end, talk is cheap!

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