Getting in the Zone – What it Means and How to Get There

by Peter Sacco

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Getting in the zone demands focus

Have you ever heard of the concept, “Getting in the zone“?

When you read this are you compelled to believe it is a specific place or location that you have to get to? Getting in the zone or into the zone means getting into your mind’s eye and spirit and truly living in the moment.

Whenever you get into the zone, you are feeling the moment with the entirety of your senses as your senses become highly focused.

In hypnosis or meditation this is referred to as being in a “here and now moment”, or possessing “tunnel vision” as it relates to high degree of concentration.

Most successful artists, actors, athletes and professionals in all walks of life have this ability to get into the zone as they rely on their tunnel vision to help them tune out everything else around them so they can give 100% of their attention to the task at hand. Have you ever seen a basketball player go to the free throw line amongst hundreds of fans taunting them, yet they sink a basketball effortlessly as they hit nothing but net?

Or how about a pilot landing a massive plane as if they were parking their sports car in the garage? What is this ability that they possess that makes them appear not only more talented but grounded/focused that others aren’t able to do? Is this innate? Are they born this way?

The answer is no!

When you concentrate on what you love doing, or are passionate about the experience, then you are “in the zone.” Through practice and repetition, you are able to block out the irrelevant or annoying hindrance that could potentially get in the way and distract you.

Can anyone develop this skill of getting in the zone, and what is the best way to go about it if one has never felt what it is like to “be in the zone“?

Perhaps the best and most effective way is getting there through the coaching and guidance of a good hypnotherapist. In fact, many athletes use sports psychologists which teach them to perfect their ability to concentrate by using hypnosis and visualization techniques. Besides developing an intense passion for what they love and what they are good at, this is also their secret for success.

When you practice getting into the zone using hypnosis or  visualization, sometimes referred to as guided imagery, you learn to go there in the mind. Through the mind’s eye, you experience the event as if it were really happening. You can feel the real and exact sensations in your body as if you were really doing the activity.

By practicing it in your mind, you train, simulate the experience and guide the mind in the proper movements or mindsets required for the task to be completed.

It is the mind which gets trained to get into the zone. The mind learns success through mental rehearsal which creates both a sense of mastery and optimism in completing the tasks at hand.

When it becomes time to do the actual event or task, the mind is able to switch over to auto pilot and bring the observer to a place of tunnel vision where they are not only focused, but relaxed, confident and eager, and in the zone.

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Peter Andrew Sacco Ph.D.
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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