Health and Wellness

Erika Slater Head and upper torso image2Health and Wellness is all about what we do on a regular basis to maintain our physical and mental condition – essentially, how we take care of ourselves.

We know now that it’s not just about paying attention to our physical health by eating healthy and nourishing foods to fuel and heal our physical body, but also how we treat ourselves mentally and spiritually. Quality sleep, daily quiet time practicing mediation/mindfulness, and being compassionate and kind to ourselves is as important as doing the same to others.

The quality of life starts with having a sound body and mind and the selection of materials you’ll find here cover insights into natural therapies, our mind-body connections, nutrition and weight management, stress, slowing the aging process and much more.

Enjoy the articles.

Calling All Aging Baby Boomers – The Next Step

By Peter Sacco
Aging Baby Boomer Thinking Image

As a Man Thinketh so he becomes In my last article on the Aging Baby Boomer topic – Simple Ways for Aging Baby Boomers to Stay Young – I discussed...

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How to Manage the Two Sides of the Stress Coin

By Peter Sacco
Image of woman in stress

Managing stress is key to keeping healthy STRESS: (def’n) A psychological distressing feeling leading to thoughts of frustration and eventual rage causing you to want to choke the hell out...

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Simple Ways for Aging Baby Boomers to Stay Young

By Peter Sacco
Image of baby boomers

What worries you as an aging baby boomer? They say that time flies when you are having fun! And then you get old… Well, it doesn’t have to be that...

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Get in Tune with Your Mind for a Healthy Body

By Erika Slater
mind body text image

How many times have you heard the term “How in tune are you with your body” in connection with getting and remaining healthy? Our own Peter Sacco this is the...

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