The Most Important Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss

by Erika Slater

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Luckily there are just a few secrets to weight loss…

There are two important secrets to weight loss I’ve learned in helping my clients, and critical to know if you’re considering a weight loss program of any type.

It doesn’t matter if its weight watchers, Virtual Gastric Band, Jenny Craig, weight loss hypnosis, South Beach Diet or North Beach Diet or any beach diet. Read this before you go further for a reality check and before you part with your hard-earned money.

You need to decide if you want to lose weight permanently or just as a temporary measure to feel good for awhile. Unfortunately most people fall into losing weight temporary because losing it permanently takes a mind change and not a diet and… mental toughness and a word spelled C-O-M-M-I-T-M-E-N-T.

Here’s why.

Anybody can lose weight temporarily to fit into that one size smaller dress or slacks using your favorite weight loss diet. Pick any – it doesn’t matter – any will work if you follow the plan! Be bold and slash even more calories you’re allowed off the diet and you’ll shed even more and faster and maybe be one of their testimonials that say ____ lost 30lbs in first month! By the way I don’t recommend this for health reasons.

Of course I’m being a little cynical here.

Now, some people do lose large amounts of weight quickly on diet programs – they’re usually significantly overweight at the start of the program and so just a small adjustment to their diet translates into large weight loss for the first month. But then problems set in as continued loss becomes difficult and quickly stops. But heck that first month sounds great – it sells the program to others. After all who would do a program that promised you’d lose only 8 lbs in the first four weeks?

How about smart people?

How about people that reject the predatory nature of these weight loss diet program claims and instead embark on a program for permanent weight loss?

The fact is people who are sold the dream of losing 30 lbs in four weeks are being sold a temporary solution that ends the minute you stop paying for the special meals or ongoing service fees.

The truth about losing weight permanently is a lot less glamorous and more effort than just counting calories to shed temporary pounds quickly.

Permanent weight loss is about changing your habits and not about just counting calories although if that’s your preferred diet plan that’s okay – it can’t just be all though. Counting calories or eating overpriced prepared meals on their own isn’t the road to permanent weight loss – just temporary… and who really wants that?

You deserve better.


Secret #1 to Permanent Weight Loss:

A more reasonable weight loss goal is 2 lbs per week. If this seems like a small goal then consider that’s 26 lbs loss in three months, and 52 lbs in 6 months – ½ year. That sounds pretty good to most people put that way. And much more healthy way of losing weight than starving your body intensely to grab that sort of loss in one or two months!

This is the first important secret of losing weight permanentlysmall but steady weight loss.

But in order to be successful losing 2 lbs per week consistently for six months you’re going to have to make some commitments and be prepared for some dedication and effort to implement core lifestyle changes in your life. But once you do and they become habits then you’ll lose weight naturally because you make different choices about food and portion size and you’ll reach your right size and stay there.

But it won’t be easy for those first few weeks and if you don’t make those lifestyle changes until they become habits then you won’t lose weight permanently. If you’re a person that never finishes what you start when the going gets tough then you’re going to be wasting a lot of time and money and chasing a never-ending road to your right size.


Secret #2 to Permanent Weight Loss:

Many people look at others that seem naturally slim and enviously explain it away as having a hereditary make-up that allows them to eat anything they want and not pack on the pounds.

This is just plain wrong.

Slim people pay attention to their eating habits and adjust as needed to keep at their right size.

So here is the second secret to losing weight permanently. People who get and stay their right size make food choices all the time to stay slim – it’s just a habit to them they don’t think about anymore… they just do it!

Losing 2 lbs a week consistently until you’re the right size and learning new habits and lifestyle changes to get and keep you there are the core principles of the weight loss programs I offer.

Also, it doesn’t mean you won’t lose more than 8lbs in the first month – 12 lbs or even 16 lbs is possible but in order to instill realistic expectations in clients I set the bar at 2 lbs a week which I’ve found is doable for anybody… if they have the commitment to follow the program.


Final Thoughts:

Notice I haven’t mentioned exercise yet. Exercise is important and helps you reach your target size quicker, and should be a part of your program but I don’t consider it a secret – and frankly, there are many schools of thoughts about it for weight loss to which I can’t do justice to in this post.

But the important thing is to do exercise regularly and something you enjoy doing – and walking is fine as long as you break into a sweat.

Another core element of the programs I offer is hypnosis. Hypnosis is used in every session and it helps make the lifestyle changes easier for you. It doesn’t mean you’ll never pay attention to what you eat again – you will – but it will be second nature to you. Not calorie counting attention as such but unconscious awareness of your choices so you automatically adjust and over the course of a week balance out your calorie intake without thinking about it.

And that’s what thin people do naturally.

I wish you success in finding a weight loss program that works for you, but leave you with the thought that the most important element in getting to your right size and staying there is you, and not a magic diet or pill. And helping you is what hypnotherapy is focused on.

Finally, If you’re interested in more information about my own weight loss hypnosis service or just looking to remove ugly fat around your belly with a fast results red-light therapy program then click here or contact me here.


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