Hypnosis and NLP General Topics

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This set of resources offers basic and introductory level exposure to terms you may have come across as you've researched about hypnosis, hypnotists, hypnotism and related topics. There is nothing mystical about hypnosis. It works with our subconscious brain which science for decades has proven controls not just our everyday activities but keeps us alive.

There is also plenty of research and studies conducted on the benefits of hypnosis to help speed medical recovery and as an adjunct to medications and other therapies. Articles in our resource section will provide links to this research so you can read them yourself.

If there is anything mystical about hypnosis it's we still don't understand the power of our subconscious mind, and therefore as we extend the boundaries of our knowledge we move into the unknown and this is when we start to incorrectly use the labels mystical and magical.

As you'll find reading through the articles and posts below we encounter difficulty in changing, even when we want to, because of the "baggage" we bring "to the table." Getting out of our own way and internal resistance is a "bottleneck" to change, and the reason why it's difficult and demanding work, and why people seek out the aid of a professional hypnotist to get them going.

Begin with the first six articles to get basic understanding of hypnosis, its history, and how it can help you overcome and expand your current beliefs, and also help you set realistic expectations for how it can personally help you. Move on to the NLP and Mind Body Connection related articles once you feel ready and cover topics that begin to dwell deeper into how our mind connects to our body, and the importance of our beliefs and habits, and how what we say to ourselves plays a vital role in the outcomes we can obtain.

Here at Free At Last Hypnosis we offer a number of services and programs using techniques while under hypnosis, including NLP, to help our clients make significant changes, and these include our signature stop smoking programs and weight loss services.


What is Hypnosis and How Does Hypnosis Work?

What Hypnosis Can and Cannot Do and What It Can Help With…

Here’s What Hypnosis Does to the Brain – What Happens to Your Brain on Hypnosis Revealed

Is Hypnosis Real or Fake and is it Legitimate Science?

Who Invented Hypnosis and What’s the History of Hypnotherapy?

All About Hypnotists and Hypnotism Services

Our Mental Blueprint - DNA for the Soul

Pattern Interrupt - Breaking the Habit

The Truth About Limiting Beliefs and How to Overcome Them

The Power of Words to Change Your Outcomes

The Importance of Keeping Your Word

Making a Significant Change - What Does It Take?

The Science of Destressing and Being in the Zone

Introduction to Mindfulness (four-part series)

Neuro-linguistic Programming Primer (four-part series)

The Mind Body Connection (six-part series)


The field of hypnosis is advancing at a rapid rate as we discover more about our brain and the concept of what we call our mind, which together with psychology is moving us into the branch of neuroscience. I am continually adding new articles and links to research and studies at this site and so I recommend you bookmark this page as a central place to get the latest information about hypnosis and other advances around our brain and mind.

Always be learning and expanding your knowledge and applying what will work for you, as its your best defense against losing your health as you age.


Erika Slater, CH
Free At Last Hypnosis

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In this free audio hypnosis session, you’ll experience the power of your subconscious mind to begin to change your habits. If you've never experienced hypnosis before then this is a great introduction...