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Looking for a Hypnotist or learning about hypnotism in Cape Cod MA area to help with overcoming habits or changing your life? Erika Slater is a Certified Hypnotist who works out of her office in Mashpee, just a short drive away from most towns surrounding Barnstable.

Erika Slater has been practicing hypnosis since 2004 in the Massachusetts region.

Trained and certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) she started out offering her signature stop smoking hypnosis programs. But now after a decade in the profession she also offers the following private session both in-office or online: weight loss hypnosis services, a specific sugar addiction hypnosis program, stress & anxiety hypnosis management, and confidence and self-esteem hypnosis booster program.

Many hypnotists choose to work in a few areas but Erika had Stop Smoking and Weight Loss "chose her" as it were.

Though Erika quit smoking decades ago, she successfully stopped smoking cigarettes using hypnosis and this led her to switch careers to become a full-time professional hypnotist. “The mind and hypnotism have always fascinated me and for many years I researched and read to increase my knowledge about both for my own enjoyment,” Erika explains.

Never defining herself as a “naturally thin person,” her own personal struggles with weight led her into “understanding our relationship with food” as she describes it. Losing weight and keeping it off is a complex and emotional topic. “I think most people who struggle understand it’s so much more than just keeping to a diet.” Erika says.

So hypnotherapy is alive and kicking in Massachusetts and the rest of America. Hypnosis has been around for centuries but unfortunately has been deliberately clouded in mystery or delegated to the ranks of pure stage entertainment.



But not any longer – Free At Last Hypnosis wants to introduce you to the impact of therapeutic hypnosis.

The fact is therapeutic hypnosis is recognized by both medical boards in America and UK as providing speedy help to patients recovering from surgery or a hospital stay. As we begin to understand the subconscious mind – and we’ve only scratched the surface really – we realize it’s capable of achieving amazing results with the right guidance and coaching.

The guidance and coaching of a client to get the results they desire is one of the primary roles of a hypnotist. A hypnotist uses hypnotism to move somebody into hypnosis. The process of hypnotizing somebody has nothing to do with spells or mysticism. There are many types of proven inductions used to hypnotize a client and the hypnotist will determine the induction to use based on the individual and the goal of the session.

Most therapeutic hypnosis does not require somebody be "tranced" into deep hypnosis to effect change. We’ve had clients disappointed because they expected to not remember anything done or said during the session, but in fact heard and remembered everything. The fact is we don’t want to hypnotize somebody to the point of them falling asleep!



Each client we see is unique and brings their own experiences and beliefs to the table, and so our private programs are customized to work with those unique experiences by weaving them into the session. Our small group sessions are usually limited to 10 people and more generic as they can’t be customized.

Choosing the right hypnotist for you means interviewing a few. Avoid doing cost comparisons or limiting yourself to the nearest one. Eastern Massachusetts has a good selection of hypnotists so take the time to ensure you feel the match is right for you. Don’t be afraid to ask about qualifications and experience with similar clients who needed the help you do. The hypnotist will also be trying to gauge what your expectations are and if they feel they can help you meet those expectations.

As with any service or product program involving behavioral changes there is no guarantee of specific results and individual results will vary.

You were born with amazing power in your subconscious mind. Helping you to harness it to overcome habits you want to change or take your life in a different direction is the goal of a hypnotist and hypnotism.

I hope after reading this you feel better informed about the topic and you’re feeling excited about the prospect of hypnosis helping you.

You can check out all our hypnosis services in Cape Cod area here >>>

Erika can’t wait to hear from you.


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