Stop Time Travelling – Get off the Tardis Machine Now!

by Erika Slater

Police call box dr who tardis with words stop time travelling

No, I’m not asking you to stop watching Dr. Who hurtle through time with his Police Call Box model circa 1960s, also known as the “Tardis”. Or skip seeing the next Star Wars or Star Trek blockbuster movie!

By the way, if you’re working on a machine that really does let you travel back in time then use my contact page to let me know. I have some plans for revenge I’d love to implement for some individuals with your help!

Seriously, we all have regrets about the past and worries about the future.

But it’s futile.

We can’t go back and change anything, and we really can’t predict what will happen in the future, other than anybody reading this now won’t be around in 100 years. So it won’t matter.

All you have to focus on is current time… todaythe present.

No, this isn’t yet another article from me – Erika Slater – about the benefits of Mindfulness. Although, judging by what I’m reading about in the world today we really could use a lot more of it.

I’m not advocating a psychological therapy for you at all. Just asking you to stop wasting time on the past and metaphorically speaking “messing in your pants” about the future.

Can you learn from your past and prepare for a future you want?

Sure you can, and you should. We make today choices after all based on past experience and the future we’d like to create for ourselves, right?

But where do we make those choices? Now… in the present, right? It’s too late to make them in the past unless you have that thingamajig that Hermione in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban book had to go back and help save Harry’s godfather Sirius Black, and Hagrid’s Buck beet!

And it’s too early to make choices in the future especially if you go around looking for a device to help you do that! You’ll scare your family and your dog and eventually the police will hear about you.

You still with me? Or did I lose you in J.K. Rowling land?

So, now I’ve got my introductory rant out of the way, and hopefully have you agreeing it’s stupid not to focus on the present where everything in your life happens, let’s think about what this all means… for you.



Stressed out young womanI first came across the term – time travelling – from James Altucher and his book “Choose yourself…” A good read and I highly recommend it. He talks about the same thing I talk about all the time to clients but he captured it in a more compelling phase for me so I’ve borrowed it – Time Travelling. If he reads this he may say I “stole it.”

Sorry, James, what can I say – I’m a thief – but in my defense, I stole to help others, something I think James would approve of!

When you think about what we do with a lot of our day it is – time travelling.

Thinking about the past and feeling regret, or reliving something somebody did to us once that still gnaws at our bones, but it doesn’t change anything.

So, we can agree that living in the past just stresses us out because there’s absolutely nothing we can do to change it, right?

On the other hand, when we worry about what will happen in our future such as, what if I get fired, or lose all my money, or my spouse doesn’t love me anymore and leaves me, or all my friends suddenly hate me, it’s equally time wasteful.

Heck, we could have one of those doomsday prophecies hit us all tomorrow and we’re all gone in a flash. The sun has the mother of all solar flares and crisps our planet to toast and everybody on it. Or somebody who hates everybody on the plant except themselves blasts the world and fries all our electronic equipment.

Think about no more computers, no cell phones, and everything they control stops working. Nobody can call or text their friends or pay their bills. Mass chaos ensures because nobody can get on Facebook and we’re forced to interact face-to-face with people again. A nightmare scenario for those that get all their news from Facebook!

And even if this isn’t really the future you worry about but the needier things I mentioned earlier about your spouse and job, then it’s still futile.

And then there’s the clan of experts with the mantra that says what you think about you attract. So constant thoughts about your spouse leaving you, or losing your job, you could actually will it to happen.

So, live in the present. Spend time making your present as positive and great as you can, because that’s where you live…. for the rest of your life.

Positive vibes sign for motivational quoteBe nice to yourself and other folks. Hang around positive people who make you smile and support you. Distance yourself from naysayers, or those who are always complaining or talking about people behind their backs. Likely if they do it to others they’ll talk about you behind your back as well.

Set these people free from your friendship circle.

Also set those free from your circle who talk a good game about the future but don’t do anything in the present to prepare. They’re constant dreamers not prepared to do any work to get their dreams. They’ll suck you into doing the same with your dreams. Their inaction is the reason they’re where they are today, and they’re be only too happy to keep you in your current place as well.

Surround yourself with people who take action and as much as it’s a cliché these days “they walk their talk.”

They say you’re the average of your five closest friends. So, do a sanity check and make sure you surround yourself with positive people, who are doers, compassionate and want the best for themselves and can only but drag you along for the ride.

You prepare for your future by doing things in the present. So, don’t live in the future. By all means dream and think so you smile and get passionate when you think about what your future will look like when your dreams are realized.

But don’t worry about the future. You could be diagnosed with terminal cancer tomorrow and then you’re dead.

Don’t do this to yourself.

Better to help somebody today who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Living in the present and not time travelling needs to become a habit. But it can be a struggle at first to create a new habit. So I created a short audio habit change MP3 you can download for free here >>>. And If you’re interested in working directly with me to stop your own time travelling then check out my online and In-office Special Hypnosis Services here.

These then are my thoughts about time travelling… don’t do it.

But what do you think? I really want to know so add a comment below or send me an email.

Start a dialogue about your present.



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