How to Use Hypnosis to Overcome Shyness

by Peter Sacco

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Shyness is “learnt” but can be overcome

Are you the type of person who is so shy that you have difficulty talking to people, let alone approaching someone and making contact with them?

Do you find that when someone is talking to you, you kind of feel nervous, even jittery? What’s that all about? Well, if you are like many other people, you possess an issue with shyness. And it’s not a mental illness, or a bad thing per se, but it can get in the way of being successful and being happy.

Where does shyness come from? Is it learned or are people born being shy?

The answer is simple… through social learning you became shy.

You see shyness came about one of two ways through social learning. If you were around parents or primary givers who were shy themselves, withdrawn and never mingled or socialized with other people, you did not learn the required skills from them in how to interact and react to others in social settings. Furthermore, if they didn’t encourage you to socialize with others, or even communicate with them, this would produce shyness.

Just to add to this – your parents and/or primary caregivers help instill the underlying factors which help children develop self-esteem and confidence which lead to effective communication skills.

A second way that shyness could have developed is having something go wrong one or more times in social settings where you felt embarrassed, out of place, or even feeling worthless. There was never any adequate resolution for you to make sense of the event and others and you found that withdrawing, keeping to yourself and being as “quiet as a church mouse” was the best option to avoid situations like that from ever happening again.

From this point on you became shy, thus developing and honing the negative skills which are most associated with shyness.

What can you do to overcome shyness? Well for starters, you need to “get out there” so to speak and mingle. You will not resolve your shyness hiding from people and the potential for conversation. I strongly recommend self-esteem courses that are offered in community colleges and on-line as well. There are great self-help books on the subject but guess what? Books cause you to go somewhere quiet where you can be alone to read. Also, books will assert different exercises for you to engage in to overcome shyness which means, “Getting out there!

Self hypnosis or hypnosis under the guidance of a trained hypnotherapist is an excellent option.

Hypnosis can help relieve the negative memories and feelings associated with events that caused you to withdraw or to feel shy. Hypnosis can also teach you how to relax around people and in social settings. In practicing hypnosis, you can learn hypnotic cues and suggestions which will help you in situations wherever feelings of shyness begin to creep in.

The post hypnotic suggestions can actually be triggered by the moment of shyness and help you to respond and feel differently. If you’re interested in more information about my own online or in-office confidence and self-esteem hypnosis program then click here or contact me here.

Almost everyone has experienced shyness in their lives or feel “shy” from time to time. Shyness can be overcome once you develop the right attitude. If you prefer to try a self-hypnosis product to get help with your shyness then check out this MP3 session here.



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