Regression Hypnosis Therapy as a Tool to Remove Influences of the Past

by Erika Slater

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Events of the past impact our todays

Age Regression Hypnosis Therapy is a tool hypnotherapists use to identify and clear events of the past and associated imprints and their negative effects. These imprints can impact attempts at achieving a goal a client wishes to accomplish such as losing weight or having confidence.

The premise of regression therapy is if previous attempts at losing weight or self-improvement have been unsuccessful then there is likely an event in the past triggering feelings that act as a barrier to change.

Most times people aren’t even aware of the barrier, but sense something deep-rooted is obstructing and frustrating their progress.

Hypnotherapists initially master direct suggestion hypnosis. This tends to work well for most smoking cessation clients or any problem originating through repetition. As the name suggests you’re making direct suggestions to the client such as, “you’re a non-smoker” and other similar suggestions.

But in changes where overcoming a habit can be obstructed by deep-rooted feelings from early events in life, direct suggestions are rarely enough. Many people looking to lose weight struggle because their overeating is triggered by feelings caused by past events in their life. So you can make direct suggestions to these clients until you’re blue in the face but it won’t help them. There’s too much history to direct suggest away.

This is where age regression therapy can be engaged to take them back to the feelings and the first event where they had those feelings, and then perform eradication and if necessary forgiveness therapy with them.

This is not simple stuff. It takes a skilled hypnotherapist and one confident enough in their own ability and knowledge to cope with events as they happen rather than reading from a script. It also takes building rapport and having a close relationship with the client.

But the benefit for a hypnotherapist in becoming skilled in regression therapy is they’ll have a powerful tool in their arsenal when its obvious direct suggestion hypnosis will not work for a client.

Certified Hypnotherapists in their initial training are exposed to regression therapy but usually at a superficial level and tend to focus only on direct suggestion and/or NLP. My advice to hypnotists is to explore and master the world of age regression therapy and your ability to help your clients will take you to a whole new level of hypnotherapy and satisfaction with your profession.


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