Looking Forward with No Regrets

by Peter Sacco

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Getting stuck in our past poisons our future.

One of the hardest things in life is letting go of the past.

Let’s face it, the past is a very safe place because it has already happened. Guess what? You even know how it is going to turn out.

What is mind boggling is how much people hold onto from the past that was demoralizing, destructive and even damaging to them.

When they do this, they literally add meaning to the saying that “Misery loves company!” and sometimes for as long as that company (the misery caused by regrets) is allowed to stay. If you are someone who deals with regrets from your past, then is article is for you.

Isn’t it time you remove the unwanted guests, also known as misery from your life?

Why do regrets haunt so many people? Why do they lead to regrets?

As mentioned, the past is a safe place because you already know the outcome. Since you know the outcome, you can play the game of mental gymnastics in your head (“Would have, could, should have!“) with no risk factor, other than missing out on good present and future moments as you are too pre-occupied with the past.

With that said, people like to “relive” things hoping that they could undo it, or get it right as a way of appeasing them. Many believe if they could do it over, it would change things as they are now… perhaps!

In order to get past this, you have to realize one thing – things are the way they should be in your life right now. The universe is perfect and you are set up perfectly to act in your life and achieve the outcomes and dreams you most want. The most important part of this formula is believing this to be true.

Once you do, you get past regret and get into a mindset of being a creator!

When you focus on regret it is like driving a car and constantly looking out the back window. Things look small, obscure because the window is smaller. Furthermore, to try and see what you are looking at, you either have to drive ahead slowly, or put the car in reverse – you are not moving forward!

On the other hand, when you looking through the windshield, you know that big window in front of you (the one that shields your eyes from debris, bugs, the wind, etc.) you see everything larger than life ahead of you.

In essence, you are going somewhere! Regrets take you backwards, while goals and dreams bring you forward to amazing places.

In order to get to where you want to go to you have to have a destination picked out.

In this case, you need to know exactly what it is you want and go after it. Meditate on it, visualize it and commit it to your memory. You see, where thoughts go your energy flows.

Your energy will help you flow (go) to the place you most want… forward! You can’t go forward if your energy is pulling you backwards. If you want to discuss working directly with us on your particular issue to see if we can help and advise you on a next step, then check out our Hypnosis Services or you can contact us here.

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Peter Andrew Sacco Ph.D.
Staff Writer
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