5 Tips on Choosing a Hypnotist to Help You Stop Smoking Using Hypnosis

by Erika Slater

Smoking can be a difficult habit to break

Smoking can be a difficult habit to break

Once you’ve made the decision to Stop Smoking using Hypnosis then the search begins for a hypnotherapist to help you overcome your habit.

Finding a professional hypnotist to help you quit should be done carefully as not all hypnotherapists have an understanding of the smoking habit and the cravings a smoker brings to the table.

You’ll be able to find a hypnotherapist in most cities in USA and UK so check online and check out their websites or better still seek out referrals from people who have already quit using a local hypnotist.

Here are 5 tips to consider when choosing one.



I’ll start with price because it seems to be the first concern of everybody looking to quit. Most hypnotists charge by the session, and you should understand how many sessions their quit smoking program covers to get a sense for your overall costs. Also, do not gloss over the cost to you of smoking.

While quitting tends to be more of an emotional decision than logic, when looking at sessions prices in the hundreds of dollars range it’s easy to fool yourself into thinking you can’t afford it. But at the same time continuing to “burn through” hundreds of dollars each month in smoking costs and ignoring the long-term health-related injury to your body.

Most hypnotists will not discuss price with you until they’ve had an opportunity to talk with you. This is a problem as it ends up being a subject that is danced around until you force the issue – and so you should force the issue early on if they have not advertised their price before. I’ve seen prices all over the map from $67 to $1,000+ per session. There doesn’t seem any rhyme or reason to me either. Expect to pay $100$500 for a private session with a qualified hypnotist who specializes in smoking cessation.



Price is definitely related to the number of letters after a hypnotists name and what they call themselves – certified hypnotist, hypnotherapist, licensed psychologist, Doctor (of what?), etc. You get the picture. Look for somebody who has received training and certification in therapeutic hypnosis and specializes in smoking cessation, and also shows an ongoing commitment to their profession through membership in professional associations.



Most hypnotists will set up a free consultation on the phone with you before booking your first session. This will give both you and them an opportunity to make a connection. The hypnotist will be gauging your commitment level and you should take the opportunity to get comfortable with the hypnotist and whether they can help you, and how you’ll be treated.

This is an important decision for you and you want a hypnotist that will treat you more than just a number. On the other hand don’t approach the conversation as a person who expects the hypnotist to “fix” them of their habit.



This may or may not be a factor to you. Personally, I think it more important you feel comfortable with the hypnotist than where they are located. I would travel many miles – and do – to see my dentist and doctor, as over time I’ve built a relationship and level of trust with them which is worth the inconvenience of the extra travel time.

While Quit Smoking hypnotists are not as readily available and prominent as opticians at malls or shopping plazas, nonetheless you should be able to find a qualified hypnotist within an hours drive. As sessions tend to be 2 hours in length then this is a 4-hour round-trip exercise. In my view a small investment of time to break a habit that is killing you… and that’s the ex-smoker in me talking and not the hypnotist.


After Service:

There are no guarantees in life – except to use a cliché, death and taxes. Yet I still see the “guaranteed one-hour or your money-back” brigade out there. This is all about the hypnotist’s marketing rather than a deep confidence in their abilities. It is more important for you to know what happens after the sessions have completed and if you still need help. Is there a free back-up session or a different pricing structure if you need further reinforcement sessions?

At the very least the hypnotherapist should provide you with materials and self-hypnosis CDs to take away to read and listen for reinforcement.

If you’re considering stop smoking using hypnosis and decided on private sessions, then I hope you’ll use the tips I’ve provided in choosing a hypnotist that’ll partner with you to success.


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