Let Go of Ego and You Let Go of Stress!

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Always needing to be right is stressful

Have you ever felt like no matter what you are doing or trying, life seems to always be going against a stiff current? It is almost as if the harder you paddle the rougher the rapids get. Why does it always seem that way?

Furthermore, why does this have to stress you out? Simple… one word: EGO!

The term or concept “ego” is often associated with or linked to Freud’s aspects of one’s personality; ID, EGO and SUPEREGO. However, for the purpose of this article and the way ego is often portrayed or conceived in the real world outside of Freud is more about control… a different, more mainstream view of the concept.

You see, in our world today ego is often best described as, “My way or the highway!” or as the great Frank Sinatra put it, “I did it my way…“.

This is all fine and dandy and makes one feel great when they accomplish something their way or their terms, but sometimes when one focuses on their way only, it can become extremely detrimental leading to extreme stress.

You see, ego in today’s society is all about being “right” and knowing how to do something.

Ego is often parlayed with competence. If there is another way to do something outside of the way you know or have been taught, or the way you’ve become fixated on (another Freudian term equated with being obsessed about something) then this must either make others’ ways of doing things wrong or you incompetent.

Heck! The ego won’t stand for the latter. The ego must prove that it is correct in order to protect itself from feeling inadequate, insufficient, wrong and worthless. So, it tries at all costs to get something right even if it kills you! This is an enflamed ego and this is when stress (the distress variety) comes in and literally eats a person alive.

You see, they begin to operate in a mindset of polarized thinking which is at the root of the ego.

Everything is either; right or wrong, black or white, good or bad, etc. And the ego always wants to be on the “right” side. It will do whatever it takes to prove itself worthy and righteous, even if it means admitting defeat and seeking help outside itself. If you will, the stressed ego gets trapped in a state of tunnel vision–it only sees one way and not other way!

Ironically, hypnosis operates on the same principle of tunnel vision – a heightened state of awareness.

And this heightened state can provide deep relaxation through meditation and shutting the ego off. It is when the state of deep hypnosis is induced that the mind is able to see more clearly and be more receptive to suggestions, which reduces stress as well as allowing individuals to see other possibilities, ones which are less stressful.

Hypnosis allows for the retraining of the mind to break free from ego induced limits and allows for greater possibilities.

Through hypnosis sessions and/or MP3’s, individuals can learn to escape from the boundaries the ego has set. Individuals can learn new methods for being relaxed and receptive to dealing and managing stress in ways they have always hoped for.

Check out this MP3 session here to help you with letting go of your stress today.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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