How to Stop Night Eating

by Peter Sacco

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Does your pantry have this sign above it?

Are you one of the millions that vows to change after the holiday season and a New Year approaches, and the plan  is to lose weight?

You’re not alone. Many people will be going to weight loss clinics, gyms, paying personal trainers or dietitians, and trying to eat right. When I refer to “right” I am referring to the “right” healthier foods or best super foods.

Interestingly, many people have difficulty losing the weight they want to lose because they do not eat at the “right” times of the day!

The right time to eat is before night time, you know that “time” of the day when your body is slowing down in terms of metabolism and sucks up calories like a Chia Pet!

Unfortunately, night time eating is not only habitual for so many people, but it is just do damn enjoyable!

Most people who eat late at night (for the sake of this piece after 8 pm when the body’s metabolism starts to slow) usually do so for one of three reasons; 1) They have not eaten all day, or have not eaten enough, (2) They eat because they are watching TV and the two have become complimentary conditioners for one another. (3) They eat out of sheer boredom.

No matter how you slice any of these calories, eating this late at night will not shed the pounds, rather add to what you already have or are trying to lose.

Too many North Americans have poor eating habits and schedules.

Instead of eating 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day and getting the proper nutrition which will satiate their bodies, they either choose not to eat (due to rushing around), or neglect eating early in the day and makeup for it later in the day/evening which does not bode well for someone trying to lose weight.

When you choose to eat this way, it doesn’t ask your metabolism to work properly throughout the day.

Many people indulge late at night because they watch TV. Some people just can’t watch TV unless they are munching away. Often times this started in childhood and teen years and became a conditioned response.

The TV serves as a trigger to start eating. With that said, if the TV itself is not the trigger, viewers are inundated with countless “food” commercials which trigger some people who weren’t even thinking about eating. All of a sudden, they begin craving food!

Then there are some people who eat out of shear boredom.

They might be bored at the end of the day as they believe they have nothing to do and let’s face it… eating is not a taxing activity and it is readily available. Unfortunately, too many people have pantries and cupboards stocked with junk food which makes this opportunity ever more appealing!

The key to losing weight and stopping your night time eating is through changing your thoughts about eating late at night. Basically, you need to create a mindset that “sets a table” that eating late is not a good thing.

To create this aversion effectively, and fast, hypnosis provides the best approach. If you haven’t been able to accomplish this feat using your own willpower, then perhaps all your willpower needs is a kick start by implementing post-hypnotic suggestions.

A qualified hypnotherapist can help you with this and you can see awesome results with just one session. If you’re interested in more information about my own weight loss hypnosis service then click here or contact me here. Also, if night eating has led to accumulation of ugly fat around body areas then for fast and safe results a laser-like lipo program get get you started on fat loss quickly.

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Peter Andrew Sacco Ph.D.
Staff Editor
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