Weight Management

Erika Slater headshot photo 300x300Weight management isn’t just about weight loss but keeping it off. Anybody can lose weight to get to their goals but keeping themselves at their ideal weight requires permanent habit changes around food.

There’s been a large focus in the media on diets and calories and too little about what it takes to change eating habits permanently. Something no diet tackles. We’ve known for a long time that consuming less calories than you burn for long periods is a recipe for health problems.

Fad diets and losing weight quickly isn’t the answer. Consistent delicious healthy food choices and portion control gets most people to their ideal weight over time, and makes it easier to stay there.

In this selection of materials, we cover topics like night eating, damaging soda drinking, living life in moderation, hunger pangs, emotional eating and much more.

Enjoy the articles.

Self-Control – Setting Limits and Living Life in Moderation

By Peter Sacco
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One of the toughest things I often hear people tell me is that they have a very difficult time living life in moderation. Apparently, many of them just do not know when to say when! In my article on Portion Control and Learning a Four Letter Word, I discussed how some people have a hard time putting down their weapon of choice (fork) at the dinner table once they start to chow down. When it comes to buffets, all bets are off so to speak… eat as much as you can and make sure you get your money’s worth! What is the fine line between satisfaction versus satiation when it comes to eating? Good question!

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