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Erika Slater Head and upper torso image2Smoking can be a stubborn habit to quit. There is all manner of treatments available to help people stop but they don’t tackle the habit and for many relapse within a year, or earlier, is common.

Hypnosis is a common solution for an increasing number trying to quit. Unfortunately, its usually used as a last resort after they’ve tried everything else. So, most hypnotists only see the toughest cases to crack and the clients come with unrealistic expectations. There are no guarantees for anything for smokers but hypnosis is a natural way to stop smoking with no side effects.

In this small selection of materials, we cover why it’s so hard to quit, how to choose a hypnotist that’ll work for you, and how to avoid a relapse after the session.

Enjoy the articles.

Why is it So Darn Hard to Quit Smoking and Ways to Make it Easier

By Erika Slater
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Are you a smoker? More to the point, were you once a smoker and quit, but now find yourself being a smoker all over again and wanting to quit again? Do you find no matter what you try or do, you seem to always revert back to smoking? Why is it so darn hard to quit smoking? On the other hand, you may be reading this but not a smoker but have a spouse, family member or a friend that smokes and you’re doing research for them, or want to understand just why they can’t seem to quit, or have trouble staying a non-smoker when they do. Regardless of your circumstances I’ve got some answers for you today on “why it is so darn hard to stop smoking.” Discover them here…

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Five Things Smoker’s Do to Sabotage themselves When Quitting

By Erika Slater
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There are five things smokers can do to sabotage their efforts to become a non-smoker. These are not the only ones but they are the most common. As you read them don’t scoff and say I would never let these bring me down – because smoker’s like you trying to quit have been brought down by these. We are all capable of lapses of logic and concentration and as you’ll see it can lead to “throwing a wrench” into your stop smoking plans. Read about the five saboteurs here…

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5 Tips on Choosing a Hypnotist to Help You Stop Smoking Using Hypnosis

By Erika Slater

Once you’ve made the decision to Stop Smoking using Hypnosis then the search begins for a hypnotist to help you overcome your habit. Here are 5 tips to consider when choosing one.

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