Five Things Smoker’s Do to Sabotage themselves When Quitting

by Erika Slater

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Other smokers can tempt you back…

There are five common things smokers can do to sabotage their efforts to become a non-smoker.

These are not the only ones but they are the ones that most people quitting tend to “trip” up over.

As you read them don’t scoff and say I would never let these bring me down – because smoker’s like you trying to quit have been brought down by these.

We are all capable of lapses of logic and concentration and as you’ll see it can lead to “throwing a wrench” into your stop smoking plans.

But they are easily defeated if you understand what is going on and have your guard up before the reactions become second-nature to you.

Other Smokers:

During the early days of quitting you should remove yourself from any social circles where there will be other smokers – this includes friends and family.

Other smokers may try and tempt you back to smoking out of fear and jealousy. If your spouse smokes still and you have quit then realize it could be difficult and stressful for you. Ideally couples should quit together and provide support to each other. Feel a sense of pride in being a non-smoker and this will get you past other smokers tempting you if you find yourself in this situation.



Stress is one of the most common forms of saboteurs for quitting smokers. It can be ongoing normal stress caused by work or family situation, or a sudden event that has a smoker reaching for a cigarette. It’s caused by a misunderstanding about cigarettes and stress and the smoker still believing that stress is relieved and calmed by smoking. The fact is smoking adds to stress and doesn’t relax at all. There is nothing in a cigarette that produces a calming effect – this is all in the mind and not reality. Learn relaxation drills under hypnosis to relieve the stress.



Sometimes smokers wonder what a cigarette will taste like, so they try one just to see. Like the alcoholic you can’t test yourself this way. An alcoholic can’t just try one drink. It has to be complete abstinence for life. So it is with smokers – once you quit smoking there is no going back to an occasional smoke! It’s gone from your life forever and so use curiosity to start good habits and not slip back into bad ones. Curiosity is not important but being a non-smoker is.



It is not unusual for smokers to actually find quitting easy and not experience any cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Literally they stop and move on and never smoke again. But for a few if it was this easy they become confident that they can go back to smoking and quit whenever they want. After all it was easy, right? This is arrogant and frankly silly – after making the effort to quit why start smoking again?


The Test:

This form of sabotage is a serious lapse of logic – call it warped logic! Sometimes smokers will start smoking again to convince themselves they are a non-smoker! They expect to be so repulsed at smoking a cigarette again that it proves they are a non-smoker. But of course this doesn’t work and it just takes them down the slippery slope to being a smoker again. The real test to see whether or not you’re a non-smoker is just being a non-smoker, right? Don’t complicate things.

As I mentioned before there are other ways smokers can sabotage themselves but these are typical for people I see who explain why they started smoking again.

Hypnosis can address these saboteurs in smokers and are covered in my stop smoking program to ensure my clients defeat them before they arise. Find more information about my Stop Smoking Programs Here >>>.


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