Returning to School as an Adult and How to Be Succesful

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Mature students many times make best students

They say it is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. If you don’t believe me, just add food to the trick and Rover will be doing tricks that would make P.T. Barnum proud!

The same is true for adults… it is never too late to go back to school and finish what you never finished, or start a new career or hobby as a student. The mind is a terrible thing to waste and time will continue to move forward so why not do something constructive like learn or earn a diploma in the meantime?

Most times adults will complain that they lack the confidence or skills to go back to school and achieve their dreams of academic success.

Ironically, when you go to school and start to learn, this builds both the skills to succeed as well as confidence.

Together, these allow you to continue to move forward with your studies. It is like the chicken and egg conundrum – confidence will not come to someone who at least doesn’t try to do something or make something of themselves.

Just signing up for a course or a new program sets the individual on a path to confidence and success.

Too many people believe that schools are for kids and teens.

Really? Did you know how many kids today do poorly in schools because they do not possess the motivation, desire or attention span to get their required school work done? Conversely, do you know how many adults are task oriented, committed to completing projects and applying the life skills they have learned over the years and succeeding at learning something new? A heck of a lot!

In fact, you will hear adults tell their kids, “If I had to do it all over again, I would stay in school!” or “I would have tried harder because I wound up in a job I didn’t like!

Guess what adults? This is your mulligan… your do over! You now get to study on your terms and possess the motivation and life skills that will push you further than many years ago. Moreover, did you know this is “confidence” but you just didn’t realize it?

Many adults worry about going back to school because they believe they are not technical savvy or they look at the academic endeavor as a massive task. If that sounds like the reasons that perpetuate your fears, just keep these things in mind.

First off, you probably use a computer, a cell phone, a DVD player, a microwave and other gadgets that you never went to school for formal training. You picked it up because it was convenient to do so. The same applies to what you will learn in school. You will learn whatever it is that you need to learn because it will make your life not only more convenient but also set up the potential to achieve greater accomplishments, professionally and non-professionally.

Also, many adults see the academic training as one giant chunk of time and become overwhelmed by how long it will take, or how much work they will have to do.

When you look at it this way, of course it will be overwhelming! Instead, see your studies as a process just as life is – enjoying the moment and knowing you are getting to where you need to be!

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