Relationships – Escaping Emotional Abuse

by Peter Sacco

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Escaping emotional abuse starts with your change…

Are you a victim of emotional abuse?

Perhaps it happened in your childhood at the hands of a parent or primary caregiver. Maybe it happened throughout childhood and into your teen yours because you were a victim of bullying from other kids.

What if it is a more recent phenomenon in your life and happened in your last relationship or several of your adult relationships? Do you feel that the scars are so deep that things feel hopeless?

Do you feel sad, lonely and worthless?

If you can relate to any or all of the above, then this article is definitely for you. Things don’t have to be the way they are now or how they’ve been before. Right here and right now you have the ability to change things for the better. Remember that life was meant to be enjoyed and not endured.

Have you endured it enough? Ready for an emotional makeover?

Some experts will assert that emotional abuse is one of the worst kinds of abuse, even worse than physical abuse. You see, with emotional abuse, it is a slow, insidious process that develops over time.

The mind becomes like a garbage can when it accepts the abuse and doesn’t even know it is taking it all in.

In fact, you cannot see the scars from emotional abuse either because they are so far below the surface. It is when they finally begin to fester and well up that you reach a breaking point and start to feel helpless, hopeless and hapless.

Basically, emotional abuse has the ability to throw someone into the pit of depression before they even know they are spiraling down into it!

Thinking as an emotionally abused individual entails developing a mindset of being a victim. The longer you think this way the more you feel and become victimized and act accordingly. This wayward thinking will increase the degree of you perception of lack of control you feel in your life. The negativity has seeded itself in your mind like unwanted weeds and now it is time to yank them out roots and all!

Traditionally, counseling is the best way for treating and dealing with emotional abuse. For some people, it could take a very long time reliving all the bad stuff that has happened to them.

Hypnosis is an exceptional therapeutic treatment method for getting at the roots and removing them instantly. If you are considering hypnosis for emotional abuse, be sure to find a credible hypnotherapist who is empathetic to issues surrounding emotional abuse.

There may be or will be some deep, dark issues that may come out so everyone better be prepared to deal with them!

Hypnosis is good for dealing with emotional abuse in two ways. First, under hypnosis, you will be guided toward reaching down and pulling out all of the bad memories, some even forgotten, or that you are not aware. The hypnotherapist will help you to release these thoughts and memories for good with your consent.

Second, hypnosis can and will help by putting in positive suggestions and cues into your unconscious mind to create a new way of thinking. Say that whenever you have a negative thought about yourself and “feel” the spiraling, the “feeling” will be a signal (cue) to shift your mind onto something positive – positive thoughts embedded in your subconscious!

Hypnosis can be a treatment for emotional abuse. The key for it to work is you have to tell yourself that you are done with being emotionally abused and to gain confidence and self-esteem to move on! If you’re interested in more information about our online or in-office confidence and self-esteem hypnosis program then click here or contact us here.

If you prefer a self-hypnosis product instead then you can check out escape emotional abuse with the help of this MP3 resource here.



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