Overcoming Sports Injuries Using Hypnosis

by Peter Sacco

Hypnosis can be used to aid the healing process after injurySports injuries are not a laughing matter when they rob a professional or amateur athlete of their dreams.

For those individuals who participate in sports for fitness and health, or as a recreational, fun activity, having it taken away due to an injury can also be very traumatizing.

What can one do to help overcome injuries related to sports and be on the road to optimal health once again?

The first place to start is obviously seeing a physician and making sure there is no permanent damage or an injury that requires specialized medical care.

Also, we live in a time when alternative medicine and techniques are being used more often and accredited and recognized for their benefits and healing potential.

Many athletes use the services of good chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, naturopaths, kinesiologists and hypnotherapists to treat their sports injuries. Sometimes non-traditional methods for helping one heal or overcome their sports injuries are not only the most effective, but also the safest -there are no drugs involved.

Hypnosis is widely used in the treatment of pain and sports injuries.

Some individuals cannot use drugs because of the side-effects associated with them, or they worry they might become addicted to pain killers, or already possess and addiction to them in the past and are in recovery for that addiction.

Hypnosis serves as a wonderful substitute for pain management as well as healing potential.

Hypnosis for sports injuries works wonderfully for helping the mind heal the body-psycho-somatic healing or neuro-psycho-immunology. Under the guidance of a trained hypnotherapist, individuals learn guided imagery, visualization techniques and progressive muscle relaxation while in a trance state.

During the trance state, the mind becomes fully aware of the problematic areas in the body and creates visual scripts laden with positive healing thoughts that send positive energy in the areas affected. Furthermore, through psycho-somatic healing, cells are concentrated upon and encouraged to heal and regenerate in the areas of injury.

People practicing guided imagery and hypnosis often times claim to have faster healing periods.

After all, where thoughts go, energy flows so if you are thinking “healing thoughts” then those thoughts become energy that flows to the areas needed healing.

Hypnosis is also an excellent substitute and/or compliment for pain management.

Through hypnosis, individuals learn not only the power of healing but also relaxation as well. Whenever people are stressed out, they tend to tax their immune systems, wearing out B and T cells which are necessary for healing. By learning to relax and not worry, B and T cells are in greater abundance and can focus on the areas needing healing and regenerate.

Hypnosis also teaches individuals how to use distraction techniques to take their minds off of areas of their bodies which they are experiencing discomfort in.

Until complete healing occurs and the pain is gone, hypnosis helps minimize the pain so the individual does not have to take a multitude of drugs and risk getting addicted to them or suffering from the side-effects of them. If you want to discuss working directly with us on your particular issue to see if we can help and advise you on a next step, then check out our Special Hypnosis Services Programs.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a self-hypnosis product then check out this hypnosis MP3 for pain relief.



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Peter Andrew Sacco Ph.D.
Staff Writer
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