21 Ways to Better Sport Performance using Self-Hypnosis

by Erika Slater

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Get better results using hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used for decades to help Professional and Olympic athletes reach their optimum performance in competition. Hypnosis has also been used for sports performance mental toughness training, especially in high school athletes.

Sports psychologists long ago identified that reaching peak for an athlete wasn’t just the result of physical preparation but also mental preparation. Top sports teams begun to involve people with the skills to teach an athlete how to mentally prepare to get to the top in their sport.

Now you can access the secrets employed by top performance athletes to improve your abilities and results. It’s like having your own professional sports psychologist as part of your team helping you get the optimum from your game every day.

Many times the barriers to us getting the results we want are “locked up” in our own self-talk and hold us hostage without us knowing. These self-hypnosis products will help you “break those barriers” by leveraging the power of your subconscious mind.

The list of products includes some powerful general sessions but others are specific to your sport. Sports covered include: basketball, golf, running, archery, martial arts, snooker, soccer, bowling, and tennis.

For best results listen to the self-hypnosis session daily for the first few weeks and then a few times a week afterwards. Depending on your own circumstances ideally listen after waking or just before going to sleep. You should be in a quiet environment where you’ll not be disturbed and you can be fully relaxed. If you prefer to listen during the day then put a “do not disturb” sign on the door and turn off your cell phone.

Hypnosis downloads has the largest collection of self-hypnosis MP3 products online. Just choose the download(s) or package that describes your sport and challenges you want to tackle, click the link(s) and purchase them to download to your device. These MP3 products play on any device and you can share between your own devices, and they are inexpensive.

Best thing is you can play them whenever and wherever you want and convenient to you.

Clicking a link below will take you to the Hypnosis Download website:

Sports Performance

Winning Thinking

Perfect Freethrows

Get Focused

Golf – Playing Hazards

Super Swing


Tee Off with Confidence

Run That Half Marathon

Archery In The Zone

Martial Arts

Karate Timing

Mental Toughness

Play Better Snooker

Pre-Game Nerves

Fast off the Blocks

Keep Running

Heal Sports Injury

Stop Abusing ‘Roids

Taking Penalties

Ten Pin Pro

Tennis Serve

Disclosure: Clicking on one of the links above and purchasing a product may result in Free At Last Hypnosis receiving a commission. You do not pay more for the product because of this arrangement. We have a long standing relationship with Hypnosis Downloads and use their products ourselves. You should always do your own product evaluations to ensure they are appropriate for you and for what you will use them.

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