How to Boost Your Creativity or Overcome Creativity Blocks

by Erika Slater

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Are you a person who requires a great deal of creativity to succeed in your career, or personal life?

Maybe you’re a writer whose got that “writer’s block” state which is driving you crazy?

Perhaps you go through dry spells when you need to be creative that lead you to becoming stuck and unproductive. It might be you’ve a lot going on in your life leading you to feel stressed out, anxious or even complacent, or you’ve slipped into a confidence issue or fear of rejection phase?

These factors might be the culprits that lead you to having a block in your creativity, and the problem is catch-22. The more you think about the blockage the harder it seems to get back to your free-flowing thoughts.

Well don’t worry, you’ll not lack that creativity forever, and there are ways of boosting it relatively quickly as you’ll see below.



man staring at notepad having writer's blockWhat is your greatest obstacle to creativity?

It’s important to learn first what might be hindering you, as this needs to be removed to get the creative process going.

For example, are you currently experiencing a lot of stress in your life?

Are you just suffering mental blocks from being ‘burnt out’?

Perhaps you’re suffering from boredom and need something new and exciting to stimulate you. Whatever serves as your ‘blockage’, you need to remove it or modify it to make things much more bearable.

Other barriers to creativity could be lack of direction, not thinking proactively, and “old way thinking’ and not adapting to situation.

Not being clear about what you’re trying to achieve is a killer to creativity, after all if you don’t know where you’re going then any road will do and so it stifles the thought process.

Trying to think routinely and tapping into ways used in the past for problem-solving isn’t stimulating your mind anymore so there’s a need to always challenge your own thinking. This leads into “old way thinking” blockage as well where your mindset at the time of looking at the problem needs to change.

Some resources in the sections below will help you get out of these blockages…



Forest in JapanThe first remedy for regenerating creativity is problem solving. You need to identify what’s hindering your creativity. If it is stress, can you remove what is stressing you, modify it, or find more appropriate ways for dealing with it.

This can be achieved through a variety of ways.

You may choose to deal with your stress by engaging in light exercise (yoga, Tai Chi, etc.) or even walking. Did you know when you exercise and/or take walks it balances and harmonizes the right and left sides of your brain? Your brain might have become so one-sided dominant it could be blocking your creative side from doing its part in the creative process.

Other relaxing techniques might include various types of meditation or hypnosis.

Most of our creativity occurs in the right hemispheres of our brains, and definitely in the recesses of our unconscious minds. Often times, we are solely focused on our conscious activities (the mundane stresses and concerns of everyday life) that we tend to ignore our unconscious minds.

Whether your blockage is caused by stress or other reasons certainly getting your mind off the topic by doing something else lets your mind wander more – and in this instance, this is just fine. Popular today is what folks call “Deep Forest Relaxation.” This is a journey you take virtually and helps clear the mind and leave you open to new thoughts which can lead to creativity.

Meditation and hypnosis can also help you get in tune and in touch with your unconscious mind. In tapping into the unconscious mind, you have the ability to release an abundance of creative energy and creativity.

Furthermore, while being relaxed from an induced state of hypnosis (yes, it releases your stress), you have the ability for post-hypnotic suggestions placed in your unconscious which will direct your conscious mind to develop a greater focus and appreciation on those things that’ll bring you creativity.

Hypnosis brings about possibilities within the unconscious mind that perhaps you did not know even lurked there.

Did you know by tapping into your unconscious mind you can release your inner artist? If you want to consider working directly with me on boosting your creativity through my online and in-office sessions, then check out my Special Hypnosis Services Programs.

Sometimes daily lifestyles become so cumbersome, filled with stress, worry and serious issues. Hypnosis can release your inner artist… your inner child, thus giving you the permission to be more playful. When you are more playful, the right hemisphere of your brain becomes more alive.

When this occurs, you’re in a more creative state!

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