The Smoke That Has Your Name On It - The Best Reason To Quit Today!

Photo of pile of cigarettes.

You’ve probably familiar with the wartime saying of “the bullet that has your name on it.”

As battles and time went on during a war the chances a fighter would meet the bullet that had their name on it increased.

A soldier would never know when they awoke that day if this was the day and where the bullet would come from.

The same is true of smoking and cigarettes. The concept being there is a cigarette that has your name on it.

While it is true if you’ve been smoking for just a few days this is unlikely to be a concern for you.

But for smokers with years under their belt their bullet is fast approaching.

As the years and cigarettes pile up into a mountain, it’s just a matter of time before you meet the one that when added to the already unstable pile, it brings the whole mountain crashing down and buries you.

If you smoke a pack-a-day then you add 7,300 cigarettes to your personal “mountain” every year. If you’ve been smoking for a number of years then it’s easy to visualize how big that pile has become and how your next smoke could be the one that tips the balance and starts the avalanche.

While I don’t practice aversion tactics in my Quit Smoking Program – it just doesn’t work – I do want to instill a sense of urgency in smokers’ choosing to quit. And explaining it by means of “the smoke with your name on it” is one way of describing the form of Russian roulette a long-term smoker is playing with their life each time they smoke.

If you do quit but slowly wander back and lite up one more time just to remember what you’re missing, or feel because you haven’t smoked for 10-years that mountain of cigarettes has disappeared – it hasn’t. The pile never went away and you just added another one to it to tempt fate and hope the silent “bullet” this time didn’t have your name on it.

Because unlike a bullet a cigarette doesn’t make a noise – THE “one” cigarette does its damage silently and insidiously.

The fact is you’re going to quit smoking one day anyway - all smokers’ do. It’s your choice whether YOU quit smoking, or whether smoking quits YOU! I’ve never seen a corpse in a mortuary smoke.

As callous as this may sound, it doesn’t matter to me whether you choose to quit smoking or not. No judging and no stress from me towards you on this front. If you do decide the time is right to quit then set the appointment now.

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