Using Self-Hypnosis to Get What You Want

by Peter Sacco

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All hypnosis is self-hypnosis…

Those who get what they want, or get the most of what they set out for or wish to accomplish are known to set intentions.

Intentions are knowing exactly what you want and then believing you can get what you want by focusing your attention on it. You live from a point of passion – believing that you can achieve or get what you want.

In essence, it really is mind over matter in that what you want most matters to your mind and your mind finds a way to get it!

Most of what we get or accomplish comes about because we talk to ourselves about it in our minds. We see and feel what we want.

We create mental scripts and images in our unconscious minds which become our realities in the sense that the unconscious mind cannot tell a real or past experience from one that is repetitively placed there by the conscious mind.

What this means is you can continually think new realities for yourself and feed your unconscious mind this reality. With that said, your unconscious mind will start to look for ways and/or keep you on the right path to bring more of “these realities” into actual experience.

So, you train your unconscious mind to get what you really want!

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. Whether you are sitting in a clinician’s office and they are doing hypnosis with you, or you are using hypnosis CD’s on your own to meditate on, hypnosis is the fastest way to imprint upon the unconscious mind the things that you really want to see happen in your life.

The most important part in using self-hypnosis is that you use the right words and set the intentions you want to create for yourself. Too many people focus on what it wrong or what they don’t want and this junk infiltrates the unconscious mind. Instead, you want to word things so that the unconscious mind has a positive and productive platform from which to operate.

When you use self-hypnosis, what you want to focus on is directly embedded in the unconscious and using suggestions and triggers can make the thoughts about what it is you want more intense.

You see, passion, feelings and intensity are what capture not only the attention of the conscious mind, but also the unconscious mind. What it is you are putting into it should be a priority for something that you want to achieve or attain.

Basically, where thoughts go, energy flows.

If you are creating the wrong thoughts for yourself (defeating, negative or bitter ones) then you will get the wrong results. The goal is to work your mind to your advantage, after all you own it!

Using self-hypnosis you can personalize the scripts that you use to trigger the unconscious mind to focus on the positive. Your thoughts will be positive and since positive thoughts are said to produce more energy, you will create better experiences and perceptions for yourself that will produce the optimal results that you seek.

I do offer a learn self-hypnosis workshop. Participants can be in-office or online. The workshop environment allows for a dialogue on each technique as there are three I teach to get into self-hypnosis. The workshop is 2-hours so there is plenty of time to explain and perform exercises around each technique.

If this option is something that interests you then please check out the learn self-hypnosis workshop registration page and sign-up so I can keep in contact with you on dates and format. You can find details about the self-hypnosis workshop here >>>. However, if you want to consider working directly with me through my online or in-office sessions then check out my Hypnosis Services or if you’ve a specific need around learning self-hypnosis then contact me here.

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