“Now I’ve Lost Weight, How Do I Keep the Weight Off?”

by Peter Sacco

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This article was updated in August 2017…

Wanting and trying to lose weight for many people is an increasing global trend and receiving lots of attention in the media.

Even my own hypnosis practice has seen a surge in recent years for those seeking a weight loss service using hypnosis.

Weight Loss is a big industry today with many books and miracle “cures” offered.

Let’s be honest, North Americans are considered to be one of the most obese societies in the world. Is it any surprise many are asked by their physicians to lose weight, or they themselves believe it’s time for a physical makeover?

Well, many will engage in dietary and fitness programs which will help them lose weight. Some will be successful and some wont, as they’ll revert back to their old habits because they find it difficult, or lack the ambition to carry through on their intentions.

Most will find an excuse to talk themselves out of it and quit long before achieving their weight loss goals.

The problem for most individuals is they’re creatures of habit and this is their downfall. Let’s explore this a but further before discussing ways to overcome this habit…



woman weighing bad carb food against good carb foodAs I said reaching your right size is a journey and not a quick fix solution regardless of the diet plan and exercise regime you chose.

People give up or regain all the weight they lost for many reason but these mostly stem from their thoughts and feelings.

People go back to old ways of thinking and living because it provides them with a sense of comfort, security and safety.

Even though something may be working for someone, adding positive outcomes to their lives, they may sabotage these positive effects, either consciously or unconsciously because they view this growth as a threat.

How come you may say?

You see, when you change, it changes the dynamics of situations around you – relationships, old habits which you held as important, and your perceptions which you held as sacred truths, which now reveal weakness and irrationality in your past.

Some individuals can’t accept what they were doing wrong all along was so bad for them once they do something correctly it leads to them feeling a type of “guilt and shame.” Because of this they revert back to their old ways to justify in some distorted way doing something wrong was justifiably correct or not so bad for them!

But for those who’ve lost the weight, what is next?

Sure losing the desired weight was an amazing accomplishment and they should receive the biggest kudos for achieving it. Losing the original weight however is only half the goal.

Keeping the weight off for good should be the end result… the continual end goal!

Anyone can lose weight, especially smaller quantities of poundage. Keeping it off however is the real challenge as this requires permanent commitment and changes.

Did you know most people who go on starvation diets, exercise programs, etc., do well for a few weeks to a few months, but eventually hit the wall so to speak with their training and eating regimes, only to put the weight they lost back on, and sometimes they end up weighing even more than before they started.

Sound familiar?

You see many people reach their ideal weight and believe they’ve won, they’ve accomplished their goal so to speak.

But when it comes to your weight the goal shouldn’t be a “point in time” scale reading.



Comparison chart for calories and nutrientsThe best way to keep the weight you’ve lost off permanently, or keep your body at its ideal weight, is through focused eating and dieting and… changing habits and your thoughts and feelings around food. This means a ‘diet’ should not be one about merely reducing calories, but rather about focusing on consuming the proper calories and enjoying the diet so you can sustain it.

This means you should be consuming the ideal number of daily calories based on your nutritional needs – proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats. The key here is keeping your diet filled with proteins, carbs and fats right for your overall health and well-being.

Some individuals believe a ‘carb’ is a carb for example.


Not all carbohydrates are created equal. You may have reduced the number of calories you’re consuming, and this may have led to you losing weight. That is fine and dandy! The big question though is, “What food sources are you deriving your ‘carbs’ from?”

Some individuals fall into the ‘food trap’ of using certain foods as instant energy to energize or sustain them.

White sugar and processed flour-based foods are one of these culprits. Not only are they unhealthy for your body, but they can also create yo-yo-like symptoms that’ll eventually lead you back to eating more to satisfy hunger issues caused by empty calories driven by chemicals.

It’s all about the quality of what is truly in the food, versus what food is doing for you in terms of instant gratification. For some, this is living a ‘dietary lie’ or falsehood!

Instead of continuing the lifestyle that got them to their desired goal, they let their guard down and believe they can eat whatever they want now, or slack off from their exercise routines.


This is false confidence, complacency, laziness, procrastination, etc., whatever you want to call it. One thing you can call it, is a lifestyle mindset which most likely led them to becoming obese in the first place.



Breaking Bad Habits ImageKeeping the weight off you lost is all about keeping the mindset of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, setting your ideal weight and staying at it, rather than slacking off because you think your goal is over and done with.

Or you trick yourself into believing, “So what? If I gain any weight back, I can just lose it again when I want too!”

Well, how long did it take you to lose the original weight in the first place?

How many excuses did you use to put it off to “someday I will lose the weight when I want too?” I’m guessing you mastered the art of procrastination!

One of the best and most effective ways for keeping the weight off you lost is through hypnosis.

Many use hypnosis to lose the weight in the first place, but many don’t use hypnosis to program the unconscious mind to keep you at your desired weight.

Hypnosis will not only produce confidence for your weight loss, but it’ll keep the mind diligent – arming it and keeping it active to monitor old negative thinking patterns linked to complacency which leads to weight gain.

Hypnosis can program the unconscious mind to counter or react to negative, old thinking patterns that lead a person back to complacency. Whenever the laziness starts, the unconscious mind creates a call to action to engage in positive actions as a result of positive thoughts.

Hypnosis is also great for encouraging the desire to consume healthier foods while at the same time creating aversions to ‘damaging’ or destructive foods.

Many people will tell you how much they hate eating vegetables or salads and this mindset was most likely created in childhood when they were forced to eat foods versus having the option to select it for themselves.

They’ve carried this punitive-based mindset forward, rebelling against eating healthy foods because they believe they ‘hate’ them, when they really don’t.

Hypnosis can help them overcome their ego-based disdain for healthy foods and help create to positive eating and lifestyle changes.

Furthermore, if you’ve always lusted sugars, processed foods and damaging fatty foods, hypnosis can create aversions so you no longer crave them or desire them. Did you know that with repeated hypnosis sessions you can actually learn to abhor the detrimental foods you once held sacred?

What this means is the unconscious mind is always aware of, and set to, your ideal body weight and clothes sizes! And that is something no diet program can achieve or instill and why diet programs in themselves eventually fail you.

Most hypnotists in your local community can help you with weight loss using hypnosis but there are also a number of self-hypnosis weight loss packages you can purchase online like this one from hypnosisdownloads for you to check out here >>>



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