Hypnosis is Yoga for the Mind – Flexibility for Your Brain

by Erika Slater

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Are you familiar with yoga? First impressions of it are usually a fascination of people in weirdly unusual body positions. That’s a start but it’s much more.

Perhaps you even practice yoga in your daily living. If you do then you know there’s a richness to it you can’t understand unless you experience it.

Have you ever tried hypnosis? First impression of it is people with their eyes closed just like meditation.

Maybe you use hypnosis in your life as well. If you do then you know the life changing tool you have as your unconscious mind and it’s premise is different than meditation. I use it to get people I see in my stop smoking hypnosis program and for my weight loss service to relax them before starting the change work with them.

But what about ‘yoga for the mind’? Have you ever heard of this concept before? If not, then read on…



Yoga Pose

First off, what is yoga?

Yoga is a rich, spiritual discipline of Hindu origin.

The goal of yoga is to work the entire mind and body. It’s practiced for relaxation and improved overall health.

It’s a mind-body connection activity that incorporates breathing exercises as well as meditation along with body movements.

In a nutshell, it’s a holistic exercise.

Does it work? For those who endeavor in it, you bet it does.

Many people think you need to be flexible to be able to do Yoga.

But the fact is, if you’re not flexible then you’re the perfect candidate for Yoga as the more you practice the more flexible you’ll become.



Yoga for the MindHypnosis works the same way as yoga, and you don’t have to do all the moves, breathing and posturing with your body as you do with yoga.

In fact, hot yoga is the fad and if there was ‘hot’ hypnosis, you’d have to be hypnotized in a sauna… just joking!

Hypnosis produces the same relaxation and heightened states of awareness as yoga, only with a more profound sense of tunnel vision. Through tunnel vision, you’re able to isolate, intensify and ingrate your focus on one key perception or experience and hold your concentration there.

Also, better yet, you only see, hear and feel what you choose to place your focus on.

This means you can create the change(s) you wish to see in your life.

Like yoga, hypnosis is a tool which has been used to aid and assist the mind body connection. Individuals using hypnosis have trained their mind to focus on the thoughts they want, and these thoughts will take them in the direction they want to go in.

So, if you want to lose weight, your unconscious mind will create new mental scripts for bringing the body toward a weight loss mindset. If you wanted to quit smoking, your mind would tell your body it no longer smokes, or craves nicotine.

All hypnosis is based on the power of your expectation.

You can think about any goal you want to set for yourself, and plant suggestions in your unconscious mind.

Did you know hypnosis works by setting a goal with the intention of achieving it? This is what hypnosis is all about – intention. Your intentions are created in the conscious mind and through repetition, your unconscious mind embeds them and interprets them as being goals that need to be achieved.

Your unconscious mind then works out ways to help you achieve your goals. The more they become a deep-seated passion, or are shrouded in ‘feelings’, the more likely they’re going to come to pass!

Flexible Mind Concept ImageHypnosis is often considered a ‘mystical’ experience, or total psychological phenomenon.

But there is nothing magical about it. It’s a source to create change through a ‘holistic’ approach.

Hypnosis connects the mind with the body, as well as the conscious mind with the unconscious mind to bring about change for the better.

Earlier I said that those who not flexible can benefit the most from Yoga.

The same is true of hypnosis in that if you posses an inflexible mind you’ll benefit from the flexibility of the mind you’ll get from practicing hypnosis.

Practice Yoga enough and you’ll eventually feel changes happening. The same is true of hypnosis but change happens much faster.

Many people use hypnosis to quiet their mind in preparation for meditation. By the end of the day we have so many thoughts in our head that it becomes difficult to wind down and prepare ourselves for meditation. If you want to consider working directly with me to be less distratced by your thoughts then check out my Hypnosis Services or you can contact me here.

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