How to Reignite Passion for Your Job or Change Careers So You Can Do Your Best Work!

by Erika Slater

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I see a lot of people who are unhappy in their current job or career? That’s not why they came to see me but an underlying reason why they’ve struggled in the past to lose weight or quit smoking!

You see the extra stress they feel because of unhappiness with their current work causes them to fall into emotional eating instead of for hunger and health, or seek the relief a cigarette makes them feel.

Do you feel like it’s a struggle to drag yourself to your place of employment every day because it seems so mundane, boring and ‘same ole same ole?’

TGIF ImageDo you feel like you’re just going through the motions and putting in the time to get to your retirement? The phrase, “Thank God it’s Friday!” is most likely your mantra come end of the week and it can’t come fast enough.

Sunday no doubt makes you anxious and even a little depressed, and getting through Monday takes every last bit of energy from you, then you have to get up next day and repeat it all again!

How long have you felt like this?

I think you’d agree its draining and not an ideal environment for doing your best work!

So let’s explore this a little deeper to understand what’s going on and offer some solutions for getting out of it!



If you’re thinking or feeling negatively about your job then you may be ready for a mindset change. Just remember, the job you currently hold is one many out there would give their right hand to have.

They’d call you the ‘lucky one’ to have it.

Now it’s time for you to get to think that same way about your job or career… or get out and find another!

Man Doing Boring Job ImageFor most people, when they first applied for their job, and then when they got it, they were excited and felt “on their way!” They started out loving their job or career, or at least loved having one. Some were in it for the passion in that they loved what they did, while some were in it strictly for the pay check, and most for both reasons.

Somewhere along the way your job started to become “old hat”, you seemed to be in the same place longer than you thought you’d be (perhaps you hoped for a promotion or to climb the ladder) and this caused your outlook on the job to sour your perception of it.

Does this sound like you?

There are any numbers of reasons why you may feel this about your job. People and companies change. What excited you early in your career may no longer provides the spark you need as you’ve matured and have other expectations.

The company you work for has no doubt experienced many senior management changes – even mergers and acquisitions – over the years, and what you signed-up for as regards adding value may no longer be as important to the company. The corporate world can be finicky.



Who said you had to stay where you are if that’s no longer your passion? Some people have to stay at jobs that bring them little or no satisfaction because they’ve families and financial commitments to take care, and if you’re one of them then a career change is most likely not easily in the cards for you.

This is a difficult position to be in and can literally “suck the life” from you.

Trapped Businessman Concept ImageIf however you’re not bound by your career for financial obligations, then why not explore your potential career options?

After all, your best work is most likely still in front of you and likely in a different job or career.

I see many people that feel trapped in their careers or jobs but don’t know what else to do. They don’t feel trained for anything else or even know what else they would like to do. If you feel this way then it’s more common than you think.

Take me for example I was in a good paying IT job and then I left the workforce when our third son was born and by the time I was ready to re-enter I was a dinosaur!

IT had moved on at lightning speed and my skills were out of date. Frankly, the passion was gone anyway as I needed a brand new challenge.

I always tell folks then I found – or stumbled across maybe better – hypnotherapy, although I wonder if hypnotherapy found me? Who knows, right?

The point is for whatever reason the career and my needs crossed paths and now I love doing what I do helping people to make important healthy changes in their life.



If you’re truly passionate about the work you do, or you like the security of your employment, perhaps taking courses or retraining within the company can help you to a job promotion or a lateral move to a different department or function.

Online Education ImageIf you dislike your job altogether but have financial commitments and others dependent on you then you can take courses through continuing education or online, and get the training you need to make a career change on your own terms.

Many people use their own time to build up the qualifications and expertise to make a major job change. Yes, it’ll be long days and involves other types of commitments but it’ll get your passion and juices flowing again!

If you’re not able to make a career or job change, then perhaps you can learn to recharge your perceptions of your job and learn to appreciate it more! Seek ways to reignite the passion you once held for your career.

How can you do this and make other mindset changes you may need to get the spark back from your existing job and career, or find new avenues for a completely different career but not sure where to start?

You can get the help you need using hypnosis.

If you were to see a hypnotist, they can help you by placing post-hypnotic suggestions and cues into your unconscious mind, thus giving you a better outlook on your career, one that even gets you excited about going to work. It can help you not only get excited about going to work, but also gets you out of your rut and makes you a more productive worker.

Perhaps this is all that you need to get that promotion that has eluded you for so long.

Hypnosis can also be used to help with finding new job and career opportunities.

You see many people gave up on a career dream early in life because of their circumstances at the time, but deep down it remains an unmet goal and a lament. It’s that nagging “mental itch” you can feel always underneath the surface.

Hypnosis can help you figure out ways to connect back with a career dream in ways you can’t imagine when under the stress of meeting daily family and financial commitments. If you want to consider working directly with me on making significant life changes through my online or in-office sessions, then check out my Hypnosis Services or if you’ve a specific need around this topic then contact me here.

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