How to Overcome Stubbornness

by Peter Sacco

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This can be no joke if it gets in the way of success…

Have you ever been accused of being stubborn?

There are many terms which are often synonymous with being stubborn. If you have been called; “hard headed, pig headed, bull headed, thick, inflexible, rigid, set in your ways, or even a dinosaur“, then someone may be trying to point out that you are as stubborn as a mule and need to change.

Being single-minded and determined is okay, as long as it doesn’t cross boundaries or ignore the thoughts, ideas or opinions of others when they matter.

After a while, folks get tired of being around “legends in their own minds” that dictate how everything is done, and soon stubborn people are left to themselves.

For all intents and purposes, stubbornness is truly a choice… a mindset!

Individuals who are stubborn choose to believe that their way is the only way.

Many times they engage in this mindset because they like the power of making all of the decisions, or being able to control things.

Sometimes, this need to control things is due to ignorance or fear.

They have become so conditioned to doing things a certain way most of their lives that they don’t know of, or want to know of any other way of doing things. Let’s face it – most people are afraid of the unknown and do not embrace change very well. Being stubborn is a way of preventing change from occurring, or failing at trying to do something differently which is perceived as embarrassing for the individual.

There is a rationale that some people will never overcome their stubbornness because of the perceived threat of doing something wrong or looking foolish by trying something new.

If someone was to deviate from what they have known to be “the right way” of doing things (their way) then they run the risk of making a mistake. This undermines their need to be “correct“.

Furthermore, to try something new or look at something differently actually requires the individual to invest into a new way of thinking. For some, this means “working” at thinking in novel ways which takes time and effort. For them, doing the same ole, same ole is easier.

In order to get different results, one needs to try a new approach.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that is bull! You can’t teach a stubborn dog new tricks, and in this case a stubborn person.

Stubbornness is not only habitual, but it can also become a way of life for many. Like any bad habit, it can be overcome choosing a method that is productive and efficient. Hypnosis is a method which is very applicable for stubbornness in that it helps retrain the mind to become more “open-minded“. By using post hypnotic suggestions and new ingrained positive commands, individuals who were once reluctant to being open and trying new ways, find themselves engaging the possibility of trying something new with enthusiasm.

In fact, the hypnotherapist can embed commands that whenever something new is offered by way of option or suggestion (which the individual would instantly shoot down in the past without much thought), the novel idea becomes a trigger to new found enthusiasm, possibility and potential.

Before long, these once stubborn individuals are looking for new opportunities.

You see, you can teach a stubborn mule new tricks once you take the blinders off with hypnosis! If you want to discuss working directly with us on your particular issue to see if we can help and advise you on a next step, then check out our Hypnosis Services or you can contact us here.

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