How to Overcome Fear of Making Mistakes

by Peter Sacco

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Is this how you feel before doing something new?

When you were a child did you ever get ridiculed, chastised or even punished for doing something wrong or making a mistake?

Were you asked to do it over and over again until you got it right?

Did this process seem degrading, humiliating or even painful?

Going forward, even into your adult life now do you worry about making mistakes because you believe there will be consequences that will be degrading, humiliating or even painful?

No wonder some people never try new things or take any chances because they are conditioned to believe that mistakes bring with them hardships.

Some people avoid success at all costs because they know they will make mistakes along the way and believe it is better to remain where they are in a “safe place“, whereby they won’t be accountable. In the end some believe “no harm no foul”!

Let’s face it, no one likes to be made to feel like they did something wrong.

Most people feel bad when they make mistakes because they over-magnify the situation as being related to themselves as a person – a mistake, or over time with many repeated mistakes, a failure!

It is a very bitter pill to swallow on its own, however when you have others pointing out your flaws or mistakes it becomes magnified and you begin to believe you are being judged or graded for everything that you are attempting to do in life. Unfortunately, it seems too many people like to focus on the negatives (mistakes and failures), rather than focusing on the successes (encouraging people to go further, try again and achieve more.).

Did you know that many people like to point out flaws or mistakes that others make because it is a way to make them feel superior over their own inadequacies or fear or failure?

Yes, that is right!

Others like to point out flaws because they are too scared to try it them self and want to remain in a place that is safe to them.

By discouraging others in succeeding, they hope to hold them back to their level to “keep them company“. Living to avoid mistakes is not living, rather it is existing or enduring life. When you get right down to it, this is living in or with fear. When you do this, you will never reach your greatest potential in life.

The greatest remedy for overcoming fear of making mistakes is to just do things! First off, you have to remember you are only human. I know it sounds cliché, but humans are meant to make mistakes.

If you are of the mindset that you should not be making mistakes, then you need overcome this sense of “superiority” in that you are perfect – you are not perfect! On that note, you should be celebrating the fact that it is okay to make mistakes because that is your right as a human being.

Second, the only way that you will only get good at anything is first trying and then making mistakes. When you do both of these things, then you “learn” what not to do again, and focus on what to do to get it right in time.

At this stage of the game, learn to be your own critic, but be gentle on yourself. There is only one of you and you were made to “just try” because that is what living is truly all about! If you want to discuss working directly with us on your particular issue to see if we can help and advise you on a next step, then check out our Special Hypnosis Services Programs.

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Peter Andrew Sacco Ph.D.
Staff Writer
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