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by Peter Sacco

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When you were a kid, what did you want to do when you grew up?

Perhaps you had a dream to be a doctor, an athlete, an actor, a law enforcement officer, botanist… astronaut?

When you used to think about it I bet you were passionate and excited over the prospect of one day living out your dream! Then something happened to you on the way to achieving your dream. Perhaps it was someone who told you to “Grow up and live in reality!“, or someone discouraged you from pursuing your dream and you eventually started losing interest in it until finally you “went for something more realistic and practical”.

Does this sound familiar? There is nothing wrong with being realistic or practical, but there is also nothing wrong with chasing down your dreams and living them out!

Too many people live out their lives within the parameters or expectations that other people – namely parents, teachers or guidance counselors, set for them.

These “guardians” mean well in guiding kids, teens, even adults toward achieving realistic pursuits, but the problem is they don’t share the same passion in that “they would never be or do what you want to do”, therefore they can’t wrap their minds and passion around it and see it as achievable.

These folks usually think and focus on what is in their proverbial ‘box‘, whereas other peoples’ dreams are not only outside of their boxes, but way out there if it is a larger than life dream!

Too many people equate success and happiness with financial success.

They believe that in order to be truly happy they have to find a job that pays well and helps them live comfortably. Some people landed into a great paying job which wasn’t on their initial wish list, but the money was great and they stayed there.

One day they woke up feeling bored, miserable and like they were missing out on something which would be the burning passion and desire inside of them for “that job” that they always dreamed of doing.

For some, this was their “Ah-ha moment” for an awakening. For others, it was pure dread as they believed they had wasted the best years of their lives doing something that they never wanted to do, but… the pay was good!

If you could be or do anything this moment, what would it be? What fire still burns in the pit of your belly?

All you have to do is sit back, relax and see yourself doing what it is that really makes you feel good. I bet your soul comes to life, your spirit sings and you feel so alive and buoyant.

Now the question I have for you is; what is stopping you?

Ignore those nagging voices that say, “This is not for you!“, “This is unrealistic!“, “Get a real job!“, or “Do something worthwhile.” We also tell ourselves plenty of lies to stop from chasing our dreams. If you dream about it and are passionate about it, then it is worthwhile to you!

You may definitely need to keep your day job as you need the finances, but it is okay to start tip toeing into your dream job or interests and see if it is really for you. Guess what? When you read most success story biographies where people chased down their dreams, this is how they did it!

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Peter Andrew Sacco Ph.D.
Staff Editor
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