Discover the Amazing Healing Power of Fun Hypnosis to Overcome Stress and Achieve Happiness

by Erika Slater

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In this article you’ll discover:

  1. What fun hypnosis is all about and how it can bring back that childhood happiness you had growing up.
  2. How escaping from reality is as “real as it comes” using hypnosis and how anybody can do it at any hour of the day to restore their life balance.
  3. 9 amazing journeys you can take using hypnosis to get you started.
  4. Further reading and hypnosis resources for help in understanding the benefits of fun hypnosis.

What was your first encounter with hypnosis?

Was it through stage hypnosis in an entertainment atmosphere? Were you watching people do silly or embarrassing things?

Or was your introduction in a more serious and therapeutic hypnosis setting such as helping you quit smoking or lose weight or deal with stress or a phobia?

Or have you only just heard about hypnosis but never experienced it or seen somebody else experience it?

I personally am not involved in stage hypnosis but have hypnotist friends who are. In my professional business I use hypnosis to focus on my core strengths of helping people overcome significant long-term challenges.

However, as they say, “all work and no play make’s Jack a dull boy” or “Jill a dull girl” if you prefer!”

Hypno-therapy then is use of hypnosis for therapeutic reason… but who said this can’t be fun? After all, as we know, anything that gives us fun… is therapeutic!

So let’s agree to define fun hypnosis as just an extension of therapeutic hypnosis, and dive deeper into it here and, as they say… have some fun.

Let’s start with some basics and dispel a few myths surrounding hypnosis…



Imagination concept with top of hill floating offIf you’ve ever been to a stage show, or seen one on TV, where a hypnotist appeared to be getting people to participate and do things that seemed absolutely bizarre, you may think that represents hypnosis.

Perhaps you saw these events transpiring and you thought to yourself, looks like fun, but never in million years would I allow anyone to do that to me!

Many people when asked about their thoughts on hypnosis take this position believing they’ll be under some ‘magic spell’ and lose their control.

Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth!

While under hypnosis, you’re always in control and generally know what’s going on around you at all times.

In fact, some times my clients question whether they’ve been hypnotized because they remember everything that was said and even heard other ambient sounds. Hypnosis isn’t about falling asleep under somebody’s spell and never remembering anything that was said or happened. Hypnosis is a natural state we all enter when we focus on something or get absorbed in an activity.

If you want to read about other myths regarding hypnosis and how they’ve been debunked then I’ve put a link to an article for you on this topic in the resource section at the end of this post.

The fact is, a hypnosis experience can be different from one individual to another. But what is common is the experience of being relaxed and in control of your own thoughts.

So, fun hypnosis isn’t about running around an audience “clucking like a chicken” or doing whatever silly or bizarre things a stage hypnotist tells you to do “under their spell.” There is no “spell” except the one you want to put yourself under.

Hypnosis for fun let’s you experience realistic and pleasurable situations where you’re able to escape the rigors of everyday life to places of your own choosing and doing activities that re energize you.

You may not have time or the money to go on a vacation, or even a weekend escape, for an experience that provides you with a sense of peace and tranquility, but hypnosis can create this experience for you, wherever you are, and any time convenient to you.

The key for this type of hypnosis is all about being willing to let go for a period of time – that is, the abandoning of the day-to-day stress and worries of your life, to enjoy a relaxed environment of your own choosing.

Have you ever imagined being ‘somewhere else’ when your life has become so stressful? Have you ever wished you could just get away to some place that brings you your greatest sense of peace and joy?

Well, using hypnosis for fun can do this for you.



Sanctuary lookout over marsh and hillsThere are a variety of ‘escapes’ you can do while under hypnosis that can bring you not only stress relief, but also add an exceptional entertainment value. For example, say you’ve always wanted to travel somewhere, perhaps a walk through an exotic forest, make that a rain forest, or set sail on the ocean in search of treasures on a far-away paradise island. This can be accomplished in a hypnosis session.

With today’s technology you can visit theme parks and experience simulated rides that create these sensations. Some even use virtual reality to create experiences whereby the sensations are so real you’d swear you’re there!

You may not have the ability to go to these theme parks due to financial constraints, timing, etc.

With hypnosis, you can bring the virtual reality to you… you can create it in your own mind’s eye!

When you use hypnosis for fun, you can use it with the guidance of a hypnotherapist who can walk you through the experience, or you can use hypnosis CD’s or MP3’s that’ll train you how to experience this yourself.

The power of fun hypnosis rests in the power of suggestion, feeling what you’re seeing in your mind’s eye as being real.

You see, the body, and unconscious mind, are led to believe, if something is real then it must be if your mind accepts it. When your mind makes the choice to deliberately participate in hypnosis and be filled with suggestions, it will accept them as being the truth. It cannot tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t.

These ‘fun’ adventures, or even trips back down memory lane to your past, can provide comfort, security and healing from stress.

Here are some ideas and suggestions for experiences you can create for yourself using hypnosis but use them as starting points to let your own imagination choose adventure and trips that’ll give you the relaxation and experiences you want to feel in your hypnotic journey:

1. Taking Magical Rides:

Whisk yourself away on a beautiful magic carpet journey inside your mind through Eastern landscapes and scenarios. Take an imaginary and wonderful downhill ski run in the Alps or Rockies for pure relaxation and invigoration.

2. Cloud Nine:

Float off on Cloud Nine and remember what a marvelous thing it is to be alive in this world. Remember when you were a child and allowed your imagination to run rampant – get back there using hypnosis.

3. An Ocean Beach:

Take a relaxing trip to an awesome beach and hear the soft relaxing sounds of lapping ocean waves as you drift off under the sunny and calm skies on your idyllic paradise island.

4. Walk in the Forest:

If the sound of a walk in the forest with the background sounds of trickling streams is your sanctuary, then, whisk yourself there walking along the banks of rivers with towering trees and lush greenery and calling sounds of exotic birds.

5. Hiking in the Mountains:

If hiking in the mountains gives you peace and enjoyment then how about a trip to New Hampshire, Vermont, Colorado or even the towering giants of the Himalayan range? Don’t worry if you’ve never been there, as your imagination already has the pictures in your mind, and it’ll instantly recall them as you trek through, and above the clouds, in a wonderland of heart-pumping landscapes.

6. Spaceship Ride or Space Walk:

Imagine an amazing spaceship ride through the galaxy and then the Universe! Experience countless stars, the wispy hue of distant star clusters, alien galaxies and nebula! Or if staying closer to home suits you then take a trip to the International Space Station and experience your very own weightless space walk.

7. Under the Sea:

Ride deep under the ocean within your own mind. Take a ride through seascapes gliding deep in the ocean. Relax and marvel at beautiful whales, glide over coral reefs, and see creatures of all manner as you see a whole new world under the sea.

8. Soar Like an Eagle:

Trade places with a soaring bird in the air to experience the sensation of flight, and see the amazing landscapes from high above, and all while feeling the rush of the breeze on your face, and while dancing on air drafts then what better bird to experience this than through the majestic eagle.

9. Happy Days:

Not just the fonzie-type but experience happy days again when you were growing-up you wished never ended. Your everyday happiness is important to your well-being, and remembering things each day that over the years has brought you happiness, helps you keep an equilibrium with the fast-paced mad rush of living in the twenty-first century.

These are just a few examples of hypnotic journey’s you can take that bring fun and happiness into your life… and are therapeutic for your soul. The only limitation is your imagination, and if you feel you need help in this area then check out the links in the resource section below.

Finally, here at Free At Last Hypnosis we practice what we preach. We leverage concepts of fun hypnosis as a resource during our stress and anxiety hypnosis management program which you can learn more about it here >>>

Enjoy the adventures!



While much has been written about the use of hypnosis for therapeutic reasons such as weight loss, stop smoking, stress relief and phobias, and even stage hypnosis for entertainment reasons, there’s less information about using it to bring happiness back into our lives through the use of fun hypnosis.

Fun hypnosis is a genre of hypnosis used to allow us to experience things in life we have happy thoughts about, or recurring themes in our sleep or day dreams. Hypnosis can take you to those special places in your mind where your imagination is allowed to run wild and create wonderful experiences for yourself. This is a form of therapeutic hypnosis as any hypnosis aimed at putting a positive experience in your thoughts can be classed as therapeutic.

I listed 9 examples for suggestions to get you started, but there are no limits to the experiences you can create in your own self-hypnosis session. I talk about the topic of hypnotic journeys on a regular basis to groups, and if you’ve a group in mind that can benefit from these journeys then I’d love to hear from you.

If you need more help in getting started in using fun hypnosis for yourself then check out this collection of self-hypnosis sessions here >>>



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