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Mental Illness

Erika Slater headshot photo 300x300Mental illness touches 20% of the population either directly or indirectly. It’s treated mostly by medications but prescription drugs don’t always work or have harmful side-effects for patients. Other therapies to compliment medications include cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy to provide help in daily living and holding down jobs.

In addition, the stress on families living with a loved one with mental illness is staggering as they attempt to provide support to them in what can be ongoing erratic and stormy times. Some illnesses such as depression, OCD and PTSD can respond to therapies, and others such as bi-polar and schizophrenia are inconsistent and experimental.

The selection of materials covers realistic current assessment and case studies of therapies for mental illnesses, but also provide help for families and caregivers of those supporting a loved one.

Enjoy the articles.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Hypnosis as a Treatment

By Erika Slater
PTSD Word Cloud

In this article you’ll discover: How Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is triggered and manifests itself in disrupting sufferer’s daily lives. Current treatments including medications and therapies to help cope and...

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Suicide: Suicidal Thoughts and Prevention and Treatments

By Erika Slater
Woman sitting alone on rock staring out to sea in thoughtful pose

In this article you’ll discover: How to break through the stigma and start the discussion with those contemplating suicide. The four types of suicide and common myths surrounding those with...

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Can Hypnosis Help as a Treatment for Anxiety Disorders?

By Erika Slater
Anxiety Disorder depiction for woman

In this article you’ll discover: Different forms and types of Anxiety Disorders, and what this means for you. Common treatments for the disorders and details about the medications and therapies...

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Coping with Being a Caregiver for an Adult Family Member with a Serious Mental Illness

By Erika Slater
Couple coping with unhappy situation

“Developed countries are shifting their mental health policies away from hospital-based care towards community-based care, and family caregivers play an essential role in making living in the community with a...

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Can Hypnosis Really Help with Depression and How Does it Work?

By Erika Slater
Sad and depressed young woman holding a pillow sitting on a bed

In this article you’ll discover: The different forms of depression and common symptoms impacting those who suffer with it. Common treatments used to help with the symptoms covering medications and...

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Can Hypnosis Really Help with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – OCD?

By Erika Slater
Woman with obsessive-compulsive order scrubbing a spotless floor

In this article you’ll discover: What Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is about and how it manifests itself in patients with it, and what we know today. Common treatments used to help with...

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