Overcoming the Fear of Money – Breaking Deep-Rooted Barriers

by Erika Slater

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What are your personal thoughts on money?

Were you ever told when you were a kid, or even reminded today that “Money is the root of all evil?”

Perhaps you were told when you were younger that “Money does not grow on trees!” which led to a mindset that money is really difficult to acquire.

If that isn’t enough, some people have been led to believe those who have the most money are born with a “silver spoon” in their back pocket, therefore having lots of money is an entitlement right.

Still more folks have bought into the notion if people are rich, then they must have acquired their wealth perhaps through illegal activities or immoral or unethical ways. News media tends to focus on the bad things people do with, or to get, money, rather than the good things – news about good things people do doesn’t seem to get viewers!

But it does tend to promote the idea there is more bad things going on with money than good. Of course, this isn’t true.

So, when you put all of these ideas of money together, you can see how some people have grown up to fear money and avoid it like the plague!

For many of us our relationship with money is complicated. Let’s see just how it got so complicated and then what we can do to change this fear…



Here are some common reasons why people may have a fear of money…

Couple arguing over spending1. Much of what people fear most about money comes to them through parental beliefs or family outcomes, or even religious beliefs where money may raise spiritual conflicts.

2. Kids who grew up in an environment where money was scarce and caused arguments and fights between parents may end up with a negative feeling towards money and these can be difficult to break.

3. We all love stories, but many told to us in childhood have a greed and evil element where money causes one person to do harm or injustice to others. This can be impactful on young impressionable minds and can cause an unconscious and underlying fear of the negative impacts of money.

4. As we mature and get jobs we have to take care of money and invest it wisely, and if these financial decisions turn into bad investments which are devastating to our situation then these scars can follow us around for years impacting our thoughts about money and our ability to keep it.

5. We read stories about lottery winners who bought the ticket with their last dollar and won millions, only to be broke within a year or two, and cursing the day they ever won. These stories are certainly true but the stories don’t mention those that were financially astute and invested the money for their own good and those of others. Again, as the old saying goes… good news doesn’t sell papers!

Love of Money QuoteBut there is nothing wrong with having money, and lots of it!

The problem is to use a religious assertion, is when you let money become your god, and the bane of your existence. You see the quote earlier that “Money is the root of all evil” is a misquote from the scriptures as it said “The love of money is the root of all evil.” A different sentiment entirely.

While we have stories of people, particularly in the religious context, shedding all their worldly goods, including money, so they can live a “clean” existence, for most of us this isn’t feasible, or frankly isn’t something most of us want to do.

Money can be used to live a better, more comfortable life, thus achieving your dreams, creating financial security for you and your family’s future, and helping others who are less fortunate.



Money for DonationsSo, this section isn’t about how to accumulate wealth. I’m not qualified to help anybody in that area especially when I’m challenged balancing my checking account… and don’t get me started on my credit cards!

However, I do want to discuss ways to overcome any barriers or limiting beliefs you may have on your relationship with money so it’s a healthy one.

At its root, money is nothing more than currency.

This currency in essence is “energy” that changes hands. Think about it this way, when you use money for the betterment of society, then you’re moving it forward in a positive manner. Perhaps an even more profound way of thinking about it – If you could share something with other people that could benefit their lives, would you want to help out as much as possible if you had the resources?

Of course, you would!

Having money is not a bad thing, rather it makes it possible for you to help out even more.

Is it possible to change your mind-set about money after all of these years and allow the opportunity for more of it to flow in your lives?


Personal wealth and prosperity is a mind-set, but you’re the ‘thinker’ of your thoughts and you have to allow positive thoughts about money to flow.

Like many fears, the first step is to acknowledge your fear and discuss it with a trusted person. This can be your spouse or partner or a close friend. This helps take the stress level down so you can discuss concerns you have around money and pinpoint the cause of your angst with money. The goal is to work out with their help and input your next step for overcoming your fear.

Balancing Checkbook ImageOne of your next steps should include getting a handle on your money. We sometimes fear that which we don’t know but getting control of your money and finances forces you to understand your finances and better manager them.

It’ll be less stressful on you and your bank account.

Just because you have blank checks in your bank book doesn’t mean you can write them… right?

Your second act tackles unconscious fears you may have. If money slips through your hands easily then there may be one of those childhood stories getting in your way of hanging on to those green notes.

If you feel you’ve got a good income coming into the household, but there’s never any for vacations or entertainment and it’s all work, then time to figure out what’s going on. Is it just about spending habits – getting handle on finances in step one should confirm if it is – or is there something else going on?

If you struggle to figure out on your own what’s underpinning your fears, perhaps your unconscious mind is still blocking you or placing those old barriers in your way. After all, you’ve thought the same way for so long, and these barriers now need to be removed.

The fastest and most efficient way to unblock these barriers is through hypnosis, tapping directly into your unconscious mind and having positive thoughts and expectations about money placed there.

Just one hypnosis session can actually start lifting those barriers and awaken a new mindset about money, and attracting more of it into your life, and keeping it in your bank account to help yourself and others.

Check out a local hypnotherapist who specializes in fears or limiting beliefs, and discuss with them how they can help you. If you want to consider working directly with me on your specific issue through my online or in-office sessions around limiting beliefs, then check out my Special Hypnosis Services Programs.

Alternatively, there are self-hypnosis products available to provide sessions you can listen to in the comfort of your home as many times as you want. So, If you continue to feel like your fear of money is limiting your scope for financial success, and you’re always sabotaging your own chances of being better off then check out this self-hypnosis session here >>>



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