Natural Anti-Aging – Turning Back the Clock to Feel Younger

by Erika Slater

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Many people wish they could turn back the clock when it comes to aging.

Can you?

Well, let’s explore this in today’s post.

Let’s start where you are today. Give this some thought… did you ever think you’d get to be this old so fast? Sorry if the thought has turned you into a tailspin, but it does seem that the second half of our life rushes past us at an accelerated rate over the first half – regardless of the age you’ve reached today.

We also define our ages differently as well depending on where you are today.

Senior Woman Flexibility ImageThinking back to when you were a young teenager likely those in their twenties were your boundary of an old person. Somebody in their 20’s reflects on the movements of a 60 or 70-year old person as being slow and stooping with the aid of a cane to get from A to B.

The truth is many folks beyond sixties who keep trim and fit can do activities and exercises that are beyond teenagers or folks in their twenties or thirties.

It seems like ‘just yesterday’ when you most likely thought getting older was a long way away, but something cruel happened along the way… time continued to move on and guess what, you grew older!

That is one way of looking at it, or perhaps the positive slant is much more appealing for you.

The fact you’re reading this means you’re alive, which means, you’ve survived beyond most of the world’s population in terms of life expectancy. Furthermore, it means hopefully you’re not only older… but wiser!

We’ve got a lot to cover today so fasten your seat belt and let’s get going…



They say age is nothing more than a chronological marker between time periods. Also, they say you’re only as old as you think and feel.

So, with that in mind, do you feel old?

Are you starting to use all of the ‘Fountain of Youth’ products to try to look and feel younger? There’s nothing wrong with one’s youthful vanity, especially if it works for you, and makes you feel better about yourself.

With that said, to truly feel young at heart realize it’s an inside job and all of the cosmetic surgeries, ‘youth creams’ and other serums and pills won’t help you accomplish what needs to be an inside job.

Feeling young and even feeling ‘younger’ is all about the way you think about yourself!

Senior Male Reflection in Mirror ImageWhen did you actually start to feel ‘old’? Why did you start to feel ‘old’?

Most people assert “the day of reckoning” for them was when they could no longer function physically at levels they were once able to, thus not allowing them to perform the same tasks as effectively. This can lead folks to feel less adequate and even inferior.

Some individuals see themselves in photos from ages past or catch a glimpse in the mirror today and shake their heads. Where did the time go? This can make people look at their lives and feel regret for things they never accomplished, that they had hoped to get done by today.

This can become very disheartening.

These folks wish they could turn back the clock, be young again and chase down their dreams, and get them done this time. For some, feeling old means lost or missed opportunities!

Even the term “feeling old” when said, instantly conjures up negative emotions. But remember it’s just a feeling of a thought in the moment. It’s NOT a predictor of your future.

In fact, there are many natural things you can do to inhibit that “feeling” of being old…



Despite the title of this post aging is a natural process for our bodies, and 50-years of age means you’re 50-years old.

But we can delay and even “turn back the clock” for some of the physical and “feeling” aspects of age, and this is what we’ll discuss in this section covering:

• Exercise
• Nutrition
• Mindset

Regular exercise and healthy nutrition impact our physical well-being. Most of us are born with a “perfect” body. If we take care of it throughout our life it’ll take care of us. It’ll even put up with some contamination, but given the right care it’ll always revert to this “perfect” natural state for us.

Now I understand most of us know children and adults who were not born with a “perfect” body or chemistry or it became diseased or “broken” and hasn’t recovered. Maybe this is even you?

I’m not out to offend anybody but I would argue for most of these folks even they’ve a “perfect” body state for them looking to always return to its natural state.


Senior Couple Walking Exercise Concept ImageExercise is misunderstood these days. We’re bombarded with ads and pictures of “perfect” bodies with bulging muscles and six-pack abs. A gym model if you will to get to the “perfect” shape.

While muscle tone is important for our body regardless of age, it’s not the model of exercise I’m talking about here. You want to strengthen your heart and increase body flexibility, and for this sculptured muscles are not required.

For those who haven’t exercised in a while then walking is a great activity to start. It’s even better if you can do it with a friend or listen to your favorite podcast while exercising. This especially works for people who find exercise of any type boring. Start small – 15-20 minutes a day – and build up in both duration and speed.

For flexibility try Yoga or Tai Chi. By all means do exercises for muscle tone but lifting weights or spending hours on a machine are not required unless you’ve already into this type of a program for other goals.

Finally, for the heart you can’t beat running or swimming as  it exercises the most muscle groups at one time. While any exercise helps the heart these two activities increase the efficiency of your heart more completely than any other exercises.


Healthy Foods ImageGarbage In… Garbage Out.

What we put into our bodies is its fuel. A car needs clean gas to run efficiently, but put in contaminated or dirty gas then it doesn’t run so well and eventually the engine breaks down and you’re looking at a major service.

The metaphor of clean gas for a car and for our body translates to avoiding contaminating the fuel we put inside our body. Pile it up with processed foods and carbohydrates and sugar and you have the obesity epidemic now raging over much of the U.S.

These foods are just not good fuel for your body.

I don’t have a diet or recipe for you other than likely you know what isn’t good for your body. Most of us will age finely if we provide our body with plenty of vegetables and protein and a low carbohydrate diet.

Does this mean you can’t enjoy grains, pasta, a cookie? No, just in moderation. And if I have to define moderation for you then whose kidding who here?


Youthful Mindset Concept ImageI’ve saved the most important for last. Have the right mindset and the exercise and nutrition will fall into place because it’ll support your new attitude of anti-aging!

Since feeling old or young is a mindset, you need to change the thoughts and perceptions you have about it.

Time out for a minute: What is Mindset?

It’s a word bandied about but can be confusing. In raw terms, it’s your accepted set of attitudes and assumptions about a topic.

People like to talk about positive and negative mindsets but frankly it’s impossible to have a positive or negative mindset about everything.

You have an attitude most likely about exercise, nutrition, your relationships, your work and career, etc. At various times and depending on the topic these can be positive or negative at the same time for different aspects of your life.

But the mindset I’m talking about in this post relates to your mindset about your age. In particular, how to make it a positive mindset so you don’t keep returning to “woe is me” each time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

Changing your mindset around age means supplanting all the negative patterns in your “unconscious mind” you’ve built up over time.

One of the best ways to tap into your ‘unconscious’ pattern of feeling old is through hypnosis.

Not Tool Old Never Too late QuoteYour unconscious mind has accepted negativity and the clutter around it, and it needs to be purged. You may have told yourself you’re “too old!” The “train has left the station and I wasn’t on it!” Feel this way too many times and your unconscious mind will accept it and you live accordingly.

Does this sound like you?

Hypnosis can help you ‘implant’ positive, youngish thoughts about yourself which can lead you to feel good about yourself. These unconscious suggestions can and will replace the old negative patterns. Hypnosis can also help in changing and installing new habits such as exercising and eating healthy.

Hypnosis can be practiced in your home using self-hypnosis programs or you can visit a local hypnotist to provide guidance and direction to make the changes faster.

In just a few hypnosis sessions you’ll not only feel better about yourself, but also “younger.”

When you look in the mirror you’ll start seeing someone you’re happy seeing, rather than being critical of where you are today. If you want to consider working directly with me on your attitude through my online or in-office sessions then check out my Hypnosis Services or if you’ve a specific need then contact me here.

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So, we set out with the question of “Can you turn back the clock and feel younger using natural anti-aging?

By getting a change in your mindset, exercising regularly and eating healthy you’ll amaze yourself by having more energy, feeling younger and slowing down your aging process.

The answer then is… yes you can. Now it’s time for you to take the first step and get started in feeling younger today.

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