How to Keep Emotions Off Your Face

by Peter Sacco

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Does your face always give your emotions away?

Are you a person who is very easy to read by their facial expressions?

Are there times when you try your best not to express emotions, especially at work or in a social setting because you worry that others are going to see right through you? Perhaps you have a hard time shutting it down around loved ones and friends – you do not want to show emotion and be so transparent that they can manipulate your triggers.

The famous term “poker face” is used for people who are able to keep a straight face and not show emotion, in the in face of pressure or adversity. Through practice and hypnosis, you can achieve this too.

Certain careers by their very nature require individuals to be as “poker faced” as possible. You see it in law enforcement, medical professionals, professional sports, and business and of course professional poker players.

By keeping emotions and expressions in check, it offers people an advantage in that you can’t “read” them and know what they are thinking based on their expressions.

If you can’t read them, then you can’t manipulate them in terms of guiding the conversation, or asking more intense questions that would truly reveal what they are indeed thinking.

Furthermore, if you can’t read and manipulate them, you can’t be taken advantage of.

Some people complain a lot that they are constantly being used or “take advantage of” and when it boils right down to the heart of the matter, it is because they advertise their emotions and what they are thinking about like a children’s picture book!

Perhaps you are one of those people tired of being used or played and are looking for that advantage whereby no one can see through you and get answers from you that always tend to tilt the conversation or situation in the other person’s favor.

You can get on changing that immediately, if you are willing to try something as simple as hypnosis which can produce the results instantaneously that you are looking for.

When you try hypnosis, you are first taught to relax.

In fact, most clinicians who practice hypnosis help their clients relax through visualization techniques or progressive muscle relaxation. In doing so in the ability to relax, you already eliminate the “easy to read” feelings of stress, frustration and apprehension.

Too many people wear these obvious emotions on their faces daily that they become staple.

Under hypnosis the therapist will teach you post-hypnotic suggestions to identify certain thoughts (ones that are usually constant that set off your feelings) that lead to the feelings which create the facial expressions that you most want to hide.

Say for example, if you have a mannerism such as squinting or rubbing your nose when you “feel nervous“, the hypnotherapist will help you quickly identify the “feel nervous thought” and offer you a post-hypnotic behavior such as “remaining blank faced” or stoic in your appearance.

Furthermore, the individual is taught that whenever they experience the “thought of nervousness or uneasiness” that this is the trigger to remain calm and stoic. Hypnosis can truly work that fast and that effective!

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Peter Andrew Sacco Ph.D.
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