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The topic of weight loss is a billion dollar industry. Unfortunately, this is mostly about special expensive diets and pills. And "bad us" for buying into this, right? Because for many of us it's not about a diet, but why we eat what we eat and how much.

Whether you've got a sugar addiction - and not just candy and cookies but pasta and other carbohydrates - or eat when the "mood dictates" there is much more to what it takes to get and keep to your right size than salads every day.

The fact is you can go on almost any diet and lose weight (a diet of donuts may be a problem!). But it's not sustainable. Once you come off these expensive or elaborate diets the pounds rush back on again. There is much more than a healthy diet that has to be included in any weight loss program. I hope after reading a selection of the weight loss resources below you will be better educated on what is going on and best prepared to tackle your own weight loss program for success.

The secret to permanent weight loss is changing your life style... also permanently. If you're prepared to do this then you'll be streets ahead of other people buying expensive meals every month or popping the latest magic pill into their mouth. Throw both in the trash and discover below the true secrets to weight loss.

Aim then not for just a healthy diet but for a healthy lifestyle. The joy a healthy lifestyle will provide you is much more than losing weight. But instead you'll get to the point where the healthy lifestyle "defines" you, and this is your best protection against slipping into past eating habits.

Finally, If you're interested in more information about my own weight loss hypnosis service or my getting started fat loss program or have a general inquiry then contact me here.


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